Kate - 2003-12-07 13:12:25
I am so, so, so sorry. Please know that there are people thinking of you during this hard time.
brandi - 2003-12-07 13:28:36
I don't know you, and I don't know what to say...other than I am sorry. And that y'all are in my prayers.
Rachel - 2003-12-07 15:21:00
Aww, Virginia, I'm so sorry. Please take care of yourself. I'm thinking of you and your family.
Alison - 2003-12-07 16:26:45
Jennye - 2003-12-07 18:15:46
Oh Virginia I am sitting here crying for you. Words fail me and I am so very very sad for you. I know what you mean about being angry at Gd. I didn't so much as light candles for a year during Ezra's 1st year of life because I was so angry. I have gradually come to terms with my difficulties from that time and have started back on the road to observance, but it has been a long hard road and I am starting to find my place again. Be as angry as you need to be. Take some time to deal with your anger and sadness. Shul, Hashem, kashrut, etc. will all be there when you are ready for them again. Be kind to yourself and to each other. Only you two can really know how you feel. {{{{HUGS}}}}
Cecilia - 2003-12-08 02:34:04
I know I should have told you this before now... I've been following your trials for well over a month now. You are such an amazing and strong woman, one I really would love to be like, I've come to think of you as an unknown big sister. You deserve so much joy and although I know it's not anything close to how you feel, I'm crushed... Know that I will be thinking of you and praying as hard as I can for you. I know you'll get through this.
Nathan - 2003-12-08 02:40:19
I wanted to let you know that your journal has been a part of my life these past few weeks. True I've been getting most of the information via my girlfriend, but I've still read a number of your entries. It has been quite touching to hear your story...your life. I am truly saddened to hear this news and wish there is something I could do to fix it. I know both you and your husband will survive these things together. You have proved to be strong to get this far in life, there is no way that you wouldn't be able to go further. I have faith in you. I hope my few words mean as much as yours do to me. You can always send an email if you like.
Roni - 2003-12-09 16:11:09
reese - 2003-12-09 22:42:36
Oh Virginia, I'm so sorry. I know how you feel, and I wish I didn't. I know you'll make it through this, eventually. And I understand about being mad at God. I get like that too. There's really nothing I can say to make this better, but if you need a shoulder or an ear, or any other body part, I'm here. If you email me I'll give you my phone number. I found there were times when I didn't want to talk to anyone in my life, but I wanted to talk to someone. Maybe someone who could just support with out all the responsibilities of a relationship. When you're ready for people again, let me know how you're doing. Love Reese
Angie - 2003-12-10 09:46:35
I'm so sorry you're going through this. Please know that I'm thinking about you and praying that the holidays bring you peace.

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