Mary - 2003-12-02 13:51:35
Thanks for your messages this weekend. The doctor told my mom that the brain scan results will take at least a week. I'm hoping everything checks out okay. Flannel pajamas are great. Wom, sewing fourteen pairs! I miss sewing, but not that much after reading about your project. =) Just kidding. I like sewing... miss having a sewing machine these days.
Jennye - 2003-12-03 00:28:05
lots of lurking, not much talk. I have been following your progress this cycle. I know it isn't sounding great, but it only takes one egg to make a baby. Don't give up yet. About TV, I caught the last few minutes of "The Simple Life" before 24 came on tonight (I was setting the VCR for DH) and I just feel dirty. Ew. I do believe I have a show I will go out of my way to avoid. ::shudder:: And your flannel pajama project is ambitious! I am making our gifts this year too (a lot of knitting going on. scarfves, hats, toys, plus sewing a doll and doll clothes, not to mention sewing and dyeing treasure bags for DS's birthday party.)

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