Veronik - 2003-08-01 00:04:46
After lurking for a few days, it seems time to say something; Jo (of Jo knits!)emailed the other day to let me know she'd heard from another knitter in MTL and gave me the link for your blog. So far, I've really enjoyed reading what you have to say and must add that I've admired your store from afar: I would have gone in, but I'm usually accompanied by my 6 yr old (who'd be happy to buy everything!).
virginia - 2003-08-01 10:49:23
Veronik, thanks! And please, do come into the store! It's not only kids stuff, and I'm always happy to give kids a ballon to keep them from asking for too many things!!! Plus, if Mortimer is here, he usually keeps their minds off the products (not good for me, good for your wallet!!!)

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