mortimersmom - 2003-03-25 11:24:56
I'm commenting on my own post!!! I'm just testing out this new feature....
Shana - 2003-03-25 22:08:47
Yay!!!! I'm so glad you got comments! SO much easier than writing you an e-mail. I've totally been doing the pink thing too lately, which is way out of character. I WAS one of those girls who wore all black all the time, though I started augmenting that with dark greens and blues as I got older. Red? Burgundy? Pink? Not even. Then a couple of years ago my mom got me a maroon sweater for Christmas and I realized that it looked good on me.... and now you look in my closet and half of it is pink or variants thereof. Today, though, we were supposed to have "Patriotism Day" at work and all wear red white and blue. I dug out one of my all-black outfits like I used to wear. Let the rest of them celebrate our little war... I'm not. But I guess that's a story for my own blog. :-)

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