Chatonne, feline supermodel

2005-01-28 - 9:40 a.m.

I've been following the Loobylu's Month of Softies since it started, and January's theme of Vintage Catwalk inspired me to get off my duff and stitch something together.

Meet Chatonne, the feline Supermodel.

She's made from vintage chenille that I purchased to make my daughter's quilt. Her dress is made from a 50's era piece of fabric my husband got as part of a lot (also for her quilt), and her shoes are made from black velvet ribbon that was in my grandmother's sewing box.

the only non-vintage items are the thread and embroidery thread, the stuffing, and the fabric I used for her purse, which is a piece of quilting fabric with vintage purses printed all over it.

She's long and skinny, with lovely pear-shaped hips and flowers in her ears (also from my grandmother's sewing box).

Best of all, Dumpling has quite taken to her and loves to drag her around!

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