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2005-02-28 - 11:12 p.m.

so very very tired. The thing about going to bed an hour earlier is that you have to keep doing it everyday in order for it to work. And let's face it, it's not possible to get anything done and go to bed at 10 every day. Plus I've got my dreaded *aunt flo* visit AND I completely switched up the store today, so I can hardly move a finger right now.

What is going to get me through the day tomorrow is the thought of tomorrow nights TAR return.... I am so excited, I can't even express it!

Dumpling was a little terror tonight. She spent the day with my mom while I was re-organizing the store and for some reason, it was very unsettling to her this week, so she took it out on us tonight.

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never mind mittenless, try bootless!

2005-02-24 - 3:55 p.m.

There has been a lot of chatter over at Chez Miscarriage about mother-drive-bys, or people who give unsollicited mothering advice. A lot of it seems to surround people who allow their babies and toddlers to go outside mittenless, ie without mittens. here's the thing, we do put mittens on, they take them off!!!

But I would have paid a 100$ to see what would have happened to my husband today.... You see, we share the work day at the store, so some time in the early afternoon, we have *shift-change*, where the morning-homebound parent bring the Dumpling to the store, and the morning-working parent takes her home, or shopping, or whatever. Today, I was morning-working. I asked him to put the stroller in the car so I could take her to the mall and try to find her a snowsuit that would reach past her knees (she is a freakishly tall, skinny baby!).

When I got in the car (oh boy, yes, we left her in the locked car in front of the store for the 35 seconds it takes one person to walk in and the other to walk out), I noticed she didn't have her hats or mits, they were on the seat next to her (see, she takes them off!!!!), I also noticed she wasn't wearing boots. I figured they were on the ground behind the front seat.

When we were a few blocks away from the mall and stopped at a very long light, I reached behind the seat to retrieve the boots.... that werent' there. How weird is that, they somehow rolled under the seat.... so when I got to the parking lot, I rummaged around the seat, then in the trunk, only to come to the conclusion: he took her out of the house in her stocking-feet! In Canada! In Winter! Ok, so she was in the car the whole time, and I turned right around and took her home (no I didn't go into the mall and buy new boots!!!). But could you imagine if I had tried to go shopping, the drive-bys this situation would have attracted!

PS: As I was writing this, my hubby was writing his own take on the story

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a MAJOR revelation...

2005-02-24 - 11:05 a.m.

Promise you won't laugh at me.... I've just discoevered that if I go to bed at 10 rather than 11, I can get up an hour earlier, make the morning routine go much smoother, and I'm less tired.... You promised not to laugh!

Since I was 16 years old, I've gone to bed at 11. Not earlier, not later, 11 pm. Although lately, 11 was turning into 12 because I would *check my email* one last time and next thing you knew, the blog-vortex had sucked me in. So last week, I banished the laptop to my newly available craft room and by bedtime returned to its 11 pm slot. But then, there were a few nights where there was just nothing worth watching til 11 on tv, so I started going to bed at 10 and reading. But I would fall asleep with my book, so I just decided to try the 10 pm thing and what do you know? It works! So I just Tivo anything of intrest in that slot, not that I've created more day-time to watch it in, but I'll deal with that later.

Geez, going to bed early makes me less grumpy in the morning.... Who would have thought?!?!?!?

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