2 years

2005-02-12 - 10:47 p.m.

Tonight when I opened my mail, I got a message from my *special* friend in the computer. She was cleaning out her in box and found one of the first emails we exchanged, almost 2 years ago (we're 2 weeks short of 2 years). At the time, I was starting my first IVF and something clicked between us.

Since then, a LOT of things have happened to both of us, some good, some hard to go through, but now, we find ourselves in a very similar position once again: I have my daughter with me, and she will be leaving for China very soon to pick up her precious daughter.

How is it that I struggle so hard in real life to keep my friendships alive and to make new friends, but I feel so very very connected to a few people I have never met? (wouldn't want her head to swell and think she's the only one!!!!)

Anyway, my special cooky friend, here's to two years! It's not like we'll be able to celebrate, you'll probably be in China at that time. Oh, and get off the computer and get your stuff ready, you're baby is coming home

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Need a fix

2005-02-11 - 10:03 p.m.

I tell you, I'm embarassed.... the TWOP forums were done for one night and one day and I was jonesing like a junkie!!!! I did get lots of work done at the store: put together two new shelving systems and moved all the dog-related products onto them, then unpacked several boxes of new dog items to go on them. But between every box, between every shelf, I was refreshing the page to see if the forums were back, or if jen had posted an update.....

I would write about my impressions of the sucky ads prepared by the Apprentices last night, but I cannot find a single way to describe Magna's ad that won't land me a thousand lude Google searches, so I'll pass and simply state: Glad to see Erin gone, those eyebrows were just scaring the hell out of me. I understand that high arched brows are nice, but when they reach the top of your head, not so much.

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Quack Quack, I'm nuts!

2005-02-10 - 2:01 p.m.

Mark this day down in your calendar. This is the last day of my sanity, and it's all my own damn fault!

A couple of weeks ago, in a desperate attempt at relaxing for more than 5 minutes, I let Dumping watched the dreaded Wiggles. She had never been *into* the Wiggles, but I didn't have the strenght to get up and put on a DVD and my faux-Tivo had no Boobah to offer, so the Wiggles it was. And lo and behold, she liked it, especially the Quack Quack song.

The next day, I tried a new episode, but she flapping her little chicken wings at me. She really wanted THAT song. So I searched high and low to find DVDs in my city (turns out they are not widely distributed in Canada and only a few independant stores carry them). So I found 2, but they didn't have THE song on it. She'll watch them for a few minutes, but then she flaps her little chicken wings and says "non, non, non" to any other song that comes on.

I tried the faux-tivo, taping every episode I could, but that damn song just never came on. So I googled and I searched and I ordred 2 different old DVDs from Toronto that claimed to have the Quack Quack song on them, and turns out, they did. I know this, because today when I put it in, I had to play THE song 13 times in a row, and she would only allow me to turn it off when I promised to feed her.

Now, before the trolls come on telling me that I'm the mother and she shouldn't be bossing me around like that, thanks, but no thanks. She wasn't actually *demanding* anything, but the sight of her little flapping chicken wings and sad face was enough for this mommy to press play over and over again. Of course, my sanity is out the window, but she smiled and sang and danced, so who cares if I mutter to myself and walk aroudn flapping MY chicken wings.....

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TAR finale thoughts

2005-02-08 - 11:39 p.m.

for a woman who complained so much about people *breeding* too much, Kendra goes and pledges her uterus to Freddy.... "He's WORTHY of having my babies"..... princess much????

I'm somehow glad that Kris and Jon didn't win, if only because I would have hated to watch them prostitute themselves for all the post-show media. I hope they go off somewhere quiet and get married and make stunning and well adjusted babies. And how classy of him NOT to propose to her on the mat. I mean, props to Aaron for still wanting to marry the shrew AFTER all that, but still, it's getting a bit old the proprosing on reality tv (I'm crossing my fingers that he doens't do it tomorrow on the early show!)

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a full plate

2005-02-08 - 3:45 p.m.

I feel like I'm trying to keep my head above water..... I'm tryng to juggle the new online store site, the current store accounting, the day to day tasks of work, the Dumpling's upbringing, and my personal sanity, which is kept in check by knitting and tv watching. I need my couple hours of idiot box and clicking of the sticks to keep myself going, but I can't help feeling that I could be spending that time doing Dumpling's laundry or cropping more pictures for the website or going over the inventory....

Plus, everywhere I look in my house, I see something I never got around to finishing. Each of them isn't so bad as a single thing, but put them all together and I can't believe it's almost been a year and I still haven't gotten around to it: All the trim painting in the kitchen, putting together a bookcase in the attic and moving an existing one to the basement, painting the playroom, fixing the vestibule door so it stays closed when we shut the door, emptying and organizing my sewing/craft room, which currently looks like the city dump..... What I need is a handy man to come for a couple of days and do all the things I would love to do myself (and am fully capable of doing), but just dont' have the time and energy to do.

And I need an accounting student who understands just enough about general ledgers a posting to do my day to day bookeeping at the store but will follow my method, not a professional bookeeper who will turn everything on its side so I can't follow along anymore....

And while I'm wishing for little faeries to take over, could one of them maybe take the rolling garbage can I call a car to the car wash and have it cleaned inside and out. I'm pretty sure that opened bottle of orange juice rolling around in the back is growing some fuzz, and I'm guessing that the baby wipes are as dry as the box they're in....

Here's a newsflash: I am not super woman. I would not make a good Martha-Apprentice. I have too much on my plate.

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