TV addiction finally pays off!

2005-02-04 - 4:40 p.m.

I feel like total crap today. Absolutely exhausted, to the point where hubby had to come back home and mind the Dumpling, leaving the store closed for an hour until reinforcement arrived. I napped, I feel somewhat better, but WTF?!?!? The HRT patch was supposed to cure me of this....

In happier news, my addiction to TV is going to pay off! 2 nights ago, we got a call from a research firm. Hubby took the call, but as he was not the person who made the majority of purchases in our house, he didn't qualify. I wasn't in the mood to speak to them, so they called back last night. Turns out that my high-rate of TV watching, my age and income demographics and the fact that I'm a shopaholic is EXACTELY what they were looking for.... so get this: they are going to send me a tape of a 30 min TV show (a tape? DVD people! get with the program!!!), that I MUST WATCH ON TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15 (she must have repeated that in her robotic-reding-from-a-script voice at least 4 times, and they will call me back the next day to get my valuable insight into this program.... I can't wait!!!!

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I'm outing myself, sort of

2005-02-03 - 1:20 p.m.

People I know are getting their referals, both in the computer and in real life... it's soooo exciting! Babies!

So when I come to work now, there is no more fooling around. No more endless blog reading or TWOP snarking, no more endless hours of playing yahoo games.... (The blogs and TWOP have been rescheduled to evenings in front of the TV, don't worry, I'm not giving it up!). Nope, when I come to The Store now, it's going to be to work. Mind you, I already work serving the customers and fixing the shelves and all that. But now my computer time will be spent adjusting picutre sizes and translating copy for The Website.....

You'll remember a little while back, I went through a crisis about personal info and privacy and all that and I took off the Dumpling's name and any reference to my store from this blog. But the more I think about it, the more I realise, I have no problem with any of you knowing about The Store....., what I don't want is someone to Google the store's name and get my blog, which does contain a lot of crap about my personal life (not to mention tons of Snark about my inlaws!!!). So go ahead, visit The Store....., Order! Shop!, just don't mention the name if you link to it!

PS: there are lots and lots more products coming, I'm just a bit slow, what with all the blogs that I have to NOT read in order to get this done....

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Back from the Bugaboo Nation

2005-02-02 - 2:00 p.m.

I am back from 4 days in NYC, or as I now refer to it: Bugaboo Nation. From reading Daddy Types, I knew that my stroller was the *IT* stroller of trendy Manhattan dwellers, but really, I had no idea! There are Bugaboos EVERYWHERE! Blue ones, beige ones, a lot of red ones, and even some orange ones, like mine, which I had never seen before (Bugaboos are very hard to come by in Montreal). And in something right out of Avenue Q, I found myself being a little bit racist/prejudiced at one point. I saw a young latino woman pushing a beige Bugaboo, all decked out in her best of the J-Lo collection and automatically assumed she was the caretaker of the child. But when she lifted up the tiny little girl, it was very obvious it was her baby. Yep, I'm a little bit racist.

Speaking of Avenue Q, how much did I love it? It was fabulous! And by pure coincidence, we were there on Sunday night, which was John Tartaglia'a last night headlining the show. It was really quite something. We also saw "I love you, You're prefect, Now change", which was also very very good.

Some shopping was done, but not as much as I had anticipated. All the spring collections are out, but it's very hard for me to be in a Spring shopping mood when I knew I was coming home to 3 more months of grey and cold weather. And easter-egg yellow just isn't my color, no matter what! I was very disapointed in H & M. I had really been looking forward to it, having heard they had great trendy fashions for affordable prices, but I found all their stuff was geared at a much younger audience. So I bought nothing. I did buy crazy shoes at the Camper store, and we splurged on some fancy-schmancy educational toys at Kid O, and went a little crazy at the Scholastic Store, but I guess that's what being parents is all about!

I'm happy to report that the Fugly Orange Boots of Shame turned out to be toasty warm and super comfortable for all the walking we did at the gift show. I even got a few positive comments on them, because apparently, orange ones didn't make it to NYC...

I've got lots more to tell you later, but for now, I have to move a fridge out of the store....

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queasy stomach and sense of doom

2005-01-28 - 11:32 p.m.

i've had a queasy stomach all day (but comfy and toasty warm feet!).

and just now, as I was packing up my cute velvet jacket (for a nice dinner in the big apple with my husband), it occured to me: everything I've packed are clothes I would never wear with my daughter's stickey fingers anywhere near.... 4 days worth of cashmere and dry-clean only pants.....

holy crap! I'm leaving my daughter for 4 days! that's what that sense of doom and nervousness has been all day! The longest I've been away from her thus far is that one night we went to the concert, and think we barely passed 24 hours that day..... 4 days, 3 nights, a mere two weeks after she's settled back in from her vacation... I am officially the worse mother in the universe!*

*I hate to take the title away from Tertia, but I look forward to attracting the attention of her troll

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the nerdy girl's guide to winter hair

2005-01-28 - 2:08 p.m.

Bonus Entry today!
Figlet's comment regarding my boots in the previous post made me think about my hair yesterday morning.....

When I was a kid, I ALWAYS listened to my mother. I wore a hat and mitts to the bus and didn't take it off when she wasn't looking (as a matter of fact, I remember wearing it ON the bus, wearing it til I got to my locker.... very uncool). Mostly, I was a goody-two-shoes, nerdy, geeky girl. But also, I was a ski instructor's daughter, I became a ski instructor myself, and I knew how to keep warm, fashion and style be damned!

So for most of my life, I've fought the winter hair battle: either blow dry your hair straight before putting on a hat or have fugly hat-hair with flattened curls. With my new short and bouncy cut, this is now a bigger-than-ever problem. (before, a pony-tial would solve all issues) During our cruise, I had the nicest hair every day: a combination of Aveda Be Curly and extreme humidity meant bouncy flawless curls everyday. But with the record-cold weather since our return home, straight hair it is.

Except yesterday morning, I took a shower only minutes before leaving for work and hopped in my car. I opted not to put on a hat (don't tell my mother!) to limit the damage I would do. Then I ran to Starbucks to try their new chocolate drink (out of stock, don't get me started!) and my hair froze. In place. Perfect little curls.

So to recap: straighten you hair and listen to your mother and wear a hat. OR, freeze your hair in place and have perfect curls, ("and risk pneumonia!!!!")

Boots Update I think I will start referring to them as the Fugly Orange Boots of Shame.... I've been wearing them all day, and what can I say? It's not only like wearing your fuzzy slippers, but darn, they ARE toasty warm too! *hanging my head in shame*

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I'm an embarassement!

2005-01-28 - 9:41 a.m.

I'm an embarassement to myself.

I hate Ugg boots. I think they look slouchy and I specially don't like seing starlets in California wear winter boots with summers clothes to go shopping in Malibu.

So when I went into Browns yesterday to look at the winter clearance items, and they had ONE pair of Emu Bronte boots in orange, size 9, I most certainly wasn't going to try them on, no sir-y, not me. Except, you know, people keep saying they are soooo warm, and sooo comfortable... so I just tried them on, just to confirm how much I didn't want them. So they were orginally 125$ and now they were 89$, no sir-y, not for me.

Except, you know, they sort of are like big warm fuzzy slippers. And they are orange, my new favorite color.... And they were so cheap, and I'm heading to NYC to do a LOT of walking, which I can't do in 3 inch heels.... So I bought them.

They match my Kate Spade bag and my Bugaboo stroller. Shoot me, please!!!

PS: to redeem myself, I offer up my entry for A Month of Softies.

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