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2004-12-04 - 10:41 a.m.

Apparently, if you search for back up girl in japanese, my picture shows up! (4th row, haircut.jpg).... lots of funny searches lead to me today, including Boobahs and something about having your feet behind your head, but that's the one I liked best!

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The first snow

2004-12-03 - 8:15 p.m.

I promised you pictures of the Dumpling's first snow.... here goes:
Dumpling's first snowball:

Riding to the park

And finally, 2 thumbs up, thanks to daddy's gloves

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mini-milestones abound

2004-12-02 - 11:10 a.m.

So I made a big decision this morning: no more complaining, at least for a while. Because we've been having so many happy mini-milestones around here, I don't want to tarnish them with my unhappiness. No, those feelings haven't gone away, yes things are still very tensed at our house, but how can I feel bad when...

1)Dumpling saw her first snow yesterday morning! When we got up, it was raining, but during breakfast, it turned to heavy wet flurries, so we yanked her out of the high chair, dressed her and put her in her fleece suit and ran outside to show her the snow. Ther are lots and lots of pictures, I'll post later, I forgot to bring the camera with me. She thought the snow was great. She couldn't decide between catching the stuff falling from the sky or touching the stuff on the ground, so she was sort of stuck in between, grinning like mad.

2) Tuesday night, we had dinner with my family to celebrate Dumpling's 6 months anniversary 6 months, I can't believe it. Our first dinner, 6 months ago at the Majestic, she was frozen in fear, terrified, in shock. She didn't move a muscle. Tuesday night, she entertained all the surrounding tables, then became cranky and proceed to disrupt quite a few diners, but she was so darn cute, nobody really seemed to mind. (In her defense, the tiny restaurant took way too long to bring us our food and she just couldn't stand waiting anymore.)

3) a year ago, I was in the midst of the longest IVF cycle ever, and I actually was still optimistic (I just re-read the entries). I was having scans every second day and I really had hopes for that cycle... HA! HA!. But you know what? Happy thoughts! I ticked my daughter for 10 minutes yesterday and she loved every second of it!

4) She said "bebe", the french word for baby. Add it to Mama, Papa, Caca and Gow Gow. We're getting verbal, slowly but surely!

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Heaven in a cup

2004-11-30 - 12:07 p.m.

I've got three words for you: Starbuck's Peppermint Latte. Heaven in a cup. don't add anything, just sip and soak up the holiday spirit.... After taking Dumpling for her TB test this morning, I got dropped off at the other end of the street that my store is on and I took a little walk to gather some supplies and try to get into a decent head space before working. I thought a French Baguette for lunch might do it, or a couple of magazines (People and Real Simple), but when I decided to follow the Barista's advice and try the Peppermint Latte, I found comfort in a cup.

Comfort is something I find myself seeking a lot theses days. It's been a week since The Big Fight 2004. Last night, for a reason I just cannot explain, I decided to break the non-discussion agreement we seemed to have agreed on and brought up the fact that it had been 7 days and we still hadn't resolved a thing. It brought on a big discussion, lots and lots of frustration and really, no resolution once again. We're not fighting, we're just both so clueless as to how to fix this that we've just sort of agreed to ignore the situation, which is frustrating me to no end. I'm not the kind of person that can just put things in a box and forget about them.

So I keep filling my head with other thoughts, like catching up on my much neglected accounting, hiring a web designer to spruce up the website, starting my holiday shopping. I spent the day yestrday completely reorganizing the Furnace/storage room, cleaning out the garage so we could actually park the cars when it snows and moving a bookshelf from tbe attic to the basement. Hell, if this not-communicating thing continues, I might get my craft room in order, finish the accounts and make my duaghter a scrapbook!

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I had a *good* time

2004-11-29 - 11:57 a.m.

Well, in what promised to go down in history as a pivotal day for my husband's family, everyone was there, on their best behaviours, and I actually .... had a good time. I know, I can hardly believe it myself!

It comes down to Dumpling. She had such a great time with her 10 cousins and about 10 other kids, that nothing was going to bring this day down. Not the 2 hours drive or the fact that nobody called us to tell it is was moved back an hour and we had to hand around the hotel lobby waiting. What really made the day, apart from the kids playing so well together, was that my SIL had booked a really funky 2 man band that play instruments made from trash. What those guys can do with buckets and bottles and sticks is unbelievable. They got the older kids to play this really fun drum song, but Dumpling was too small to join in. She loved watching and listen though, and when it was done, we let her get her own bucket:

her outfit was pretty cute too:

She was so tired by the time we left (no morning nap and only 20 minutes in the car afterwards) that we took her to the restaurant for some macaroni and cheese, that she ate, with a spoon, without dropping any! She NEVER eats this well. Cheer exhaustion, that's what we have to strive for!

And speaking of exhaustion, I was so tired last night, I watch my early (6pm) feed of Desperate Housewives, EM Home Edition and went to bed at 9.... Death by Blender... gotta love it!

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