Mortimer's mom and the no good, very bad, terrible day

2004-09-15 - 10:29 p.m.

yeah, you know that kid's book, well, I've never read it, but I guarantee you, he had a better day than I did!

Up early, out the door by 8 to drop off the dogs, no time for food or drinks, gotta go to the grocery store to get all the things I forgot yesterday for Friday's lunch. Can't find half the ingredients I'm missing.

Had to go to three different fish mongers only to be told nobody has orange roughy, you gotta order it in advance. Settle for Red Grouper instead (second choice in the cookbook), but by then, I've already parked my car 6 different times. Get the final ingredients and park near a downtown mall to go check out the new Winners (think TJ MAXX, designer clothes at bargain basement prices), only to find out it only opens tomorrow. head home to drop off the groceries, the gutter guy screwed up and showed up with white instead of black, we will not have gutters until sometime next week (week number 6 of the 2 week reno).

Head back out for first therapy session since bringing home the baby. Get there a bit early so I go window shopping for a few minutes and try one a fabulous grey pinstripe suit that fits me like a glove. But since I work in kakis, I can't talk myslef into spending so much money on a suit that really, I would only be to fit in with my SILs over th holidays, so I walk away, bummed out. Sit in therapist's waiting room for 20 minutes, she never comes out, she seems to have fogotten about me.

Go home when I can't reach her, sure enough, she calls a few minutes later, the patient before me had a meltdown of some sort and she couldn't come out to tell me. Wasted an hour. Get some food in the Dumpling (and mostely on my clothes) and go out to pick up the fruit baskets we ordered for my inlaws, only to be told we never placed the order. Well, I was there when my husband called, so I head over to another similar sounding fruit place on the same street, but no, it's not there either. With a screaming Dumpling in the back seat and following about 15 phone calls to my husband to try to solve the situation, I go back to the first place, where the guy suddenly remembers talking to my husband and admits he dropped the ball and compeltely forgot about the order, must come back in an hour to pick it up. ARRRGGHH!

Of course, she falls asleep in the car seat, so now all hope is lost of me finding anything to wear for tonight. I do manage to wiggle her into the stroller and head into Baby Gap to buy her warm pants and some thights, 'cause it's getting cold up here, but she wakes up before I get a chance to look for anythign for myself. Back in the car, to pick up the dogs and take them home, but can't let them in the yard because the stupid crew is still there even though they are supposed to be gone. So I've got two frantic pooches and a cranky baby, I manage to go to the bathroom, only to notice that my underpants are on inside out. GRRRREAT! oh and that headache, it's probably because I still haven't had breakfast, or lunch, and it's 2:00 pm!

Get back in the car and go back to pick up fruit baskets and deliver them to respective in-laws houses (oh yeah, I skipped the part where I wrestled the screaming toddler into the car one more time.... I swear, I shoudl have left her home with the dogs!), make the deliveries and get back home just in time for a complete baby meltdown. Manage to get her to take a quick nap, long enough to eat a small sandwich and stop the throbbing in my head, but then she wakes up and the dogs start to really loose it.

So I called in the reinforcements and made hubby come home early so I could get ready for dinner. I had to dig around for something nice to wear (all my nice clothes are too summery) and pretend that my hair isn't full of chicken bits and yogurt and we headed out for dinner, which suprisingly, was the easiest and least stressful part of the day.

When I come back from a holiday meal with my inlaws and describe it as the most enjoyable part of my day, you know something ain't right somewhere

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My first play group

2004-09-14 - 11:21 p.m.

I didn't even tell you about my first play group date this morning!

There were only 4 moms, 6 kids this time. Becasue the high holidays start tomorrow night, everyone was home cooking, except apparently for us renegades. (well, S, the hostess, is a professional chef and I'm sure is completely finished cooking, and the other two, like me, aren't hosting a dinner). First of all, let me preface this by saying that S the hostess is a long time friend of my husband's (I believe he used to have a crush on her in college!!!) and I've always liked her, from the first time I met her in their tiny apartment in the States a few years ago. When they moved here, I was thrilled because I knew we would get along. Although she is very much a product of the same environment as hubby and his sisters, she is the anti-JAP, a very down to earth, cool and relaxed girl with two adorable boys.

So the other moms their today were dressed in stained and wrinkled Old Navy and Gap capris and tees. I felt bad, because I actually had gone to the trouble of trying to match and had even layered a cute pink sweater on top of my favorite printed blouse. But I was redeemed in the group by the two huge spagetti stains on my jeans (my sexy new jeans, but dirty none-the-less). Heck, Fluid Pudding, I even had on dirty underpants!

Watching little toddles (13 to 19 months) play together is prety funny. They actually don't interact much at all, we just sort of put them in the middle of the room and dished the dirt. First, we all agreed we hated play groups and were not going to give it a name, although our hostess with the mostess did come up with a schedule, since we will be rotating houses (so only one of us has to have a clean house, once a month!). Then we agreed we should never make an effort to dress nicely, the only exception being if we have to go somewhere important immediately following playgourp. Finally, we all agreed that treats should not be organic. Them are my kinda gals!

After we dished for an hour about all the "uber-mommies" we know and made fun of them, we came to the agreement that is was good to find others like us. Turns out there are quite a few "cool moms" hiding in these parts. But don't let anyone know, because the uber moms might run us out of the park!

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random thoughts

2004-09-14 - 4:46 p.m.

I've been quiet because I can't type through the cramps. It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that I got my period, but here it is again, with a vengance. I really must call the doctor who prescribed this HRT and discuss the side effects with her, because this is just ridiculous! I can't get out of bed, I can't play with my kid (my boobs are so sensistive, I can't pick her up!!!!).

At least it came before the dreaded high holiday festivities that will be upon us in a couple of days... nothing like a few days with my in-laws to have me in a right state!

Oh, and Survivor starts on Thursday night, so as we sit there, pretending to be polite to each other, eating Kugel and drinking Manichevitz, all I'll be thinking about is how quickly I'll be able to get home to watch Survivor (if you think I'm waiting til after Shabbat, you've got another thing coming!)

On the home front, the brick repointing and new roof projectthat started 5 weeks ago and was meant to take "10 to 12 days, 14 tops" is still going on. I am so freaking fed up, it's not even funny. We don't even bother moving the cars for them in the morning anymore, why should I do them any favors? LEt them work around it, it's bad enough we've been taking the dogs to daycare every day the whole time so they won't bark all day... This is the project that would never end. The longer they're there, the more they mess up the yard, the more they have to fix up. It's going to turn into an entire new landscaping job!!! (well, that part is sort of a bonus, but don't tell the contrator...)

The Benefactor sucks, I will not watch again. Taped LAX and will try to watch tonight or tomorrow. What the heck is going on with 6 feet under? Trying to turn into Twin Peaks? I mean the brother in law killed his wife?? on the same episode as the guy; cut in half in the elevator AND new husband loses his mind..... Please! too much!

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