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2004-08-15 - 10:47 p.m.

this is the kind of day we had today:

I guess it was the PMS, but I was a whirlwind of productivity: I power-washed the wood patio table and chairs (that's it for power-washing, I had to give it back to my dad!!!!), we took the dogs and Dumpling for a walk on the mountain, signed a contract to have the brick on the house re-pointed, took a nice swim with the Dumpling, and then, I made pumpkin ravioli using wonton wrappers and a yummy peach cobbler with the freshest peaches we got at the market yesterday.

I served this delicious meal to my parents, who came over to entertain the Dumpling, hence the picture.

Dinner was yummy, if I do say so myself, I even did dishes (people, I NEVER do dishes!!!) and hubby put the Dumpling to sleep early and I drilled 50 holes in a board for a window display at the store AND knit another 20 rows on the tote bag that I plan to felt later this week.

Wow! When I look at it all typed up, I cannot believe I did all that today!

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