TGIF, goddammit!

2004-08-20 - 3:55 p.m.

the weekend is upon us, Thank Goodness!

Physically, it was a rough week for me, I was sore and crampy and no fun to be around. So the Dumpling was missing me. But today, we made up for it by playing Explore Mommy's Body for a good hour. Today's lesson centered on how deap we can cram our little fingers inside mommy's ears and how much we can make mommy's belly jiggle.... oh the embarassement!

The work on the house is progressing nicely, and I know they are working at record speed, but it's not fast enough for me. I want them all gone. I want my yard back and I want to walk around in my underwear dammit!

I finished knitting my bag and felted it. It's very nice, but still quite big, so I'm going to try felting it one more time to see if I can manage to shrink it a little more. In the mean time, I've actually started knitting the sideways Spencer from Interweave Fall, but I'm not convinced I would ever wear it, so I might switch to a different pattern, but I have a set amount of wool, so who knows....

in the mean time, my mother just emailed me evidence of her excellent baby sitting skills from Wednesday afternoon, their grandma and me day.

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An Ode to Window Treatments

2004-08-17 - 11:15 p.m.

Weird title... let me explain.... Monday morning at 7:00 am, a team of upwards of 12 con6struction workers swarmed my house and surrounded it with scaffolding in order to re-point all the brick before it fell on our heads and re-do the roof to insure the cold winter stays outside. We renovated an entire house from top to bottom 3 years ago and never had more than 6 people in the house at a time, but this contractor is totally different. There's a brick foreman and a grout forman and a roof foreman, then there are the teams and on scaffold day, there were the nice spanish speaking day workers who only put up scaffold and, I assume, come back at the end to take it down.

Anyways, this morning, I wanted to take a shower. But I had to cover the window with a towel because while my lovely matchstick bamboo blind might keep the neighbours 17 year old from checking me out in the shower from a house 35 feet away, a construction worker comfortably seated on scaffold 5 inches outside the window would be able to see my pores! And thank goodness we got nice horizontal wood blinds for our room a few weeks ago, because I would have to change inside my daughter's closet. No, that wouldn't work either because their is a widow's peak window in there too! I tell you, every window you pass, there's a guy with a big pastry bag full of grout! The Dumpling thinks it hilarious and loves to go to all the windows to wave to all the different men, but Mommy has to remember to close the doors when she goes to the bathroom (a luxuxry that is non-existent in a house with a toddler!) and remember that while the nieghbours might not be able to see into the attic playroom, the guy outside the window can!!!!

TAR5it's too bad they're gone. I hated them and loved them at the same time. Charla was very endearing, and not just because of her size. No more Desperanto....

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busy bee

2004-08-15 - 10:47 p.m.

this is the kind of day we had today:

I guess it was the PMS, but I was a whirlwind of productivity: I power-washed the wood patio table and chairs (that's it for power-washing, I had to give it back to my dad!!!!), we took the dogs and Dumpling for a walk on the mountain, signed a contract to have the brick on the house re-pointed, took a nice swim with the Dumpling, and then, I made pumpkin ravioli using wonton wrappers and a yummy peach cobbler with the freshest peaches we got at the market yesterday.

I served this delicious meal to my parents, who came over to entertain the Dumpling, hence the picture.

Dinner was yummy, if I do say so myself, I even did dishes (people, I NEVER do dishes!!!) and hubby put the Dumpling to sleep early and I drilled 50 holes in a board for a window display at the store AND knit another 20 rows on the tote bag that I plan to felt later this week.

Wow! When I look at it all typed up, I cannot believe I did all that today!

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