PMS + Toddler = lots of midol

2004-08-14 - 11:14 p.m.

who knew motherhood and PMS weren't meant to co-exist? Well, I'm not THAT dumb, I could have seen it coming.... But thanks to my new sticky HRT patch, I have returned to monthly periods..... I must admit, since I've made my peace with my fertility, I was willing to part with my period. But it seems that in order to keep me healthy and relatively normal for another 20 years, I need to have hormone levels that ressemble that of a 34 year old, not a 54 year old.

So now that I've had *3* periods in a row, it also seems that I have returned to the good old days of wicked PMS. But I now have a jumping, energetic 16 month old who doesn't understand that board books hurt like hell when you poke mommy in the swollen boobs with them, and that when mommy is this close to splitting her head in half to remove her own brain-stem, it's not a good idea to push the play button on the kareoke machine, over and over again.

The dogs sense I'm not myself and stay away, but Dumpling has no clue. Hubby is doing is best to keep her entertained and as far away from my aching body as possible for the next 48 hours until things return to normal.

Just so you don't think I always bitch, I had a total Oh-My-God moment tonight... Hubby had a friend over visiting from out of town and we were all sitting on the floor of the playroom, talking and try to entertain a very tired Dumpling, when she proceeded to trip and smack her head on the tv stand. Not bump, not hit, full on face-smack. At first, she was so stunned, she didn't make a sound, but then, the flood gates opened and she was hurling. I tried my best to comfort her, but in that split second, I was so scared that this was going to be something bad and that forever and ever I would feel like because *I* wasn't feeling my best, she was going to have a big scar.... It truned red, and she'll have some sort of mark or shiner tomorrow, but let me tell you, no matter how sore my boobs are, I'll let her use me as a punching bag if it'll keep her from falling liek that again!

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giving you the silent treatment

2004-08-11 - 8:00 a.m.

holy crap! an entire week went by without an update.... I guess my slow return to work has effectively cut into my few available minutes of internet time. sorry. But it's not like I'm going to give up my reality tv minutes! I would multitask, but I already try to knit while watching tv....

Sooooo, unevetful week except for the afore menitoned slow return to work. I need to get 6 months of accouting done and I've gotten things ready for our *Big *Summer* Sale*.

But the truly memorable events of the past seven days are that we had to leave Dumpling for a day and a half.... It's buying season for the store and we had to fly to Toronto to attend the gift show. Children are not allowed to enter the holy halls of gift-giving, so we could either bring my mothe with us and leave them to entertain themselves in a hotel room for 12 hours, or leave Dumpling behind.... So mom and dad moved in very early Monday morning and took over until mid afternoon Tuesday. Apparently, she didn't miss us, she barely realised we were gone. As a matter of fact, she wouldn't stop crying when we got back. That was hard on me. More evidence of the weird bonding attachment situation we are in.

While we were away, I missed her terribly (my husband had an even harder time!), so I compensated by: shopping! Firt, 12 hours of store-related shopping (cool things coming in the fall, if you ever get a chance to check us out), and then Tuesday morning, we hit the Kensignton Market area where I bought a funky denim wrap around skirt with embroidered felt flowers from Fresh Baked Goods, one of my favorite funky designers, and I spent time and money on yarn at a cute, tiny yarn shop we came across called Lettuce Knit (I love that name!!!).

Regarding Tar5, last week's lack of philimantion was actually a good thing, because we couldn't lose the bowling moms quite yet. But this week's demise of the arrogant pizza brothers was quite satisfying.

will do my best to be more regular with my postings...

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weekend roundup

2004-08-03 - 4:43 p.m.

well, it's been a few days since I last posted... WE packed up the entire family, mommy, daddy, Dumpling AND both dogs and headed for SIL's country house, which is deep, deep in the woods, 3 hours away from home.

Dumpling did well for the first 2 hours but then had enough of the carseat and cried the last hour. Mortimer was, as usual, a good travel dog. This was also our first time taking Lucy anywhere, as we haven't been on any road trips since we got her last fall, and she was truly outstanding. We got there safe and sound and had a lovely 2 days, one night with the in-laws that we like and get along with. Dumpling's cousins were thrilled to be the big kids and to teach her all kinds of stuff.

But I was glad to get home. Because sleep[ing arragments away from home cause babies to sleep in the mommie's arms all night, causing mommy to be very, very tired.

I was able to catch "Growing up Gotti" last night... what can I say? Money doesn't buy you style and class. She seems to be a hard-nosed mom, not letting him go to prom and stuff, but why does she always need her brothers to back up her parental decisions? And those boys, I need subtitles, because I couldn't understand a single one of them! Didn't like Airline last night, too much of the same...

Thankfully, tonight is TAR5, the only true summer pleasure. Who will be Philiminated this week???

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