Just stick it on...

2004-07-16 - 7:45 a.m.

A few days ago, Grrrl wrote about her pet patch (note to all horny school boys, don't follow this link, it's not about what you think...)Well, I'd like to tell youmy own experience with the wonders of things that stick to your body...

Just before I left for China, I visited a very nice doctor-lady who specialises in menopause and was very happy to tell me that indeed, I was in early menopause, but that I was much too young to be loosing my hormones at this rate and that I needed to go on HRT, PRONTO! (She's east indian and did indeed say *pronto* in the cutest carabean accent!)

So with the wonders of special sticky glue, I got a patch. Twice a week, I change this little patch and use an alcool swab left over from the many rounds of IVF to remove the sticky residue left from the last patch.

I was amazed at how quickly I felt a difference. My insomnia went away right away (and no, I don't think it's because I'm so tired from the baby!!!), my joints stopped aching and poof! I got my period twice in 6 weeks, exactley 28 days apart. After getting only twice in six months, this was pretty amazing.

Enter more sticky goodness in the form of a new heating pad that you stick to your underwear (good thing I read the instructions and didn't stick it to my stomach....) I was amazed at how well this thing worked. It really was like a portable heating pad. So there I was, with a sticker on my ass, a heating pad on the front... I felt like reating out my boobs for advertising!

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Ponchos and Gauchos

2004-07-13 - 11:22 p.m.

I've been obsessed with this particular pncho for weeks now.

. Even though "I saw Paige Davis wear it on Trading Spaces, I've been obsessed. I missed my chance to buy one when it came out as I was just about to leave for China, and by the time I got back, they were sold out. So I've been stalking it on Ebay and tonight, I won an auction! I saw a few go up, but the sellers were not reputable, or I doubted the item was really what the picture showed, or I just felt it had been stolen. But this one came from a big time wholesaler and I ended up getting it just under Canadian Retail price.... yeah!

If you don't want to know what happened on TAR5, don't read this!

Also making this evening quite pleasant was the demise of my all time least favorite reality show contestants, Allison and Donnie, on TAR5.... I had read a spoiler they were going to get far in the race and I was so bummed about that, so to see them go from first to last was just... satisfying. Maybe she'll leave my TV alone now. Let her show up on Hollywood Squares or something else I never watch!

The rest of the episode was also great. I *L*O*V*E Mirna and Charla. Miran can be a bit of a pain, but she makes up for it with her goofiness (tango dancing) and Charla is just a dynamo! Also really like the Bowling Moms. Cannot stand the doofus pizza brothers. Could they be any more offensive and arrogant and chauvanistic???? You know what was really cool for us this week? We just went to South America on a cruise in January, so we have been to both Montevideo and Buenos Aires. When Donnie and Allison fight while walking the dogs, it was just in front of a really nifty shoe store where I tried to buy to-die-for polka dot pumps that were only available in Barbie 5 and 6 (I'm a giant 9 1/2!!!) But the minute I saw the street sign, I started screaming! The shoes!

On the Dumpling front, she spent her second alone afternoon with my mother today. As a bday present, my mom offered to give me a day a week of babysitting here at home, so I can either go to work or do stuff I need to get done. The Dumpling might be ready for a full day, but I'm not quite there yet, so I worked this morning while hubby took her to music in the park, then my mom spent the afternoon with her, playing. I managed to get the furniture placed in my craft room. The stuff is still all in boxes, 'cause I moved the furniture around a few times until I liked the layout, but at least now, I can start doing stuff in there. Like her scrapbook, or her thank you notes, or her DVD from China....

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Holy 80's flashback Batman!

2004-07-13 - 12:47 p.m.

this moment deserves a second post, although I suspect only my fellow Canucks will appreciate this, as I don not beelieve this phenomenon took place south of the border....

My local fm station is currently playing "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone" by Glass Tiger..... I once met them in an elevator at the Terry Fox Center in Ottawa while taking part in Encouter's With Canada for a week in grade 10... (1986), it was the height of their popularity and I was on cloud 9 for days....

How sad is it that I remember EVERY SINGLE Word of that horrible, horrible song.... I swear they should teach kids algebra and chemistry to the sound of pop music, everything would stick forever...

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domestic diva I'm not

2004-07-13 - 11:38 a.m.

I had planned to be supermom. I was going to keep a daily diary of all the milestones in the dumpling's life, I was going to scrapbook our China trip while she napped, I was going to edit a short version of the movies I shot on DVD.

What was I thinking? Today, I am working my weekly half day shift (I was going to come back to work half days within a month...) and as I look down at the funky pants I wore in an attempt to look trendy and cute, I realize they are covered in formula stains. My hair is so dirty, I have to wear a funkys scarf on my head. I'm still trying to save all the video on the new pc to get around to editing it.

My mother has offered to babysitone day a week so I can get stuf done. She is coming to my house this afternoon so I can attempt to unpack my craft room, which should mke it possible to attempt all these great projects, should I decide to forgo sleep.

But I will say one thing to my credit. I got around to watching ABC's Great domestic Diva search last night, a few days late, and all I gotta say is boy, I realy needed to apply! These people were pathetic! The gay guy (the one that went to the end), was so over the top, he was grating on the nerves. The other gay guy, who was trying to look like a Hampton prep, was so 1980's, without the coolness of the return of the 80's. As for the women, the young one was too inexperienced and too much like Katie Brown, a blong version. The wedding coordinator needed to apply to the Bachelor. Her dramatic outburst were more suited for that show. And the Junior LEague member was so a Martha Wannabe, down to the btichyness. Really, the only one I remotely like was the winner, Frank. but lets face it, the book deal and tv apprearance are going to be short lived, because they will market him as a buff boy, to women, when they need to market him as the macho sensitive guy, to men, to show them how to get with the program.... I should have applied.... Except of course for the being non-eligable as a Canadian, and oh yeah, having no time to shower, let alone be a fame-whore on a poorly rated realityshow......

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