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2004-06-14 - 5:06 p.m.

we're home. With the jet lag, it's been a bit rough. Plus she didn't want to have anything to do with her dad at first, but this morning, we had a bit of a breakthrough on that front and she will now play with him and even let him hold her, as long as I'm no where in sight. If she sees me, it's major meltdown.

The last few days in Beijing were hell. Between cabin fever from the hotel, a teething toddler and 24/7 of my mother, I wanted to scream! The flight home was predictably difficult, but Dumpling was pretty good most of the way. The Vancouver transit lasted only 90 minutes, but with Immigration and customs and trying to make our next flight, it was a marathon that I would not want to relive anytime soon.

Our first 24 hours home were hell. She was completely off the clock, sleepign during the day and being awake at night. Plus I got one of those airplane colds and all those sleepless nights caught up with me. So we devised a plan where I slept in bed curled up around her, with lots of toys, and hubby played with her from a reasonable distance taht she was comfortable with. I got rest, she was supervised, it worked out.

She loves tv. thinks Regis is the bomb! Well, she also thinks car commercials are the bomb. She's not eating anything, just formula and cheerios. The pediatrician, whom I will not be seing again and am currently seeking a new one, told me this: switch her to milk, a 14 month old shouldn't be having so much formula and should be eating solids. So shit sherlock! Any suggestions on how I can get and institutionlized toddler to give up her sippy cup and eat solids? Not his are of expertise! well, thanks a lot!

More later, very tired, however, if you go to this page and follow the long french link at the top, you can find all the pictures my dad took. All 1000 of them!!! You asked for it!

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