2 dinners, a move and a hospital visit....

2004-05-23 - 8:35 p.m.

If I could find the camera, I would show you a picture of the tower of boxes that little the new house. I would show you how the only thing set up right now is our bed and the big screen tv (I've got my priorities!!!)

But I can't find the camera, or my deodorant, or the toothpaste, or a spoon for cereal....

This is what the last 3 days have been like: I packed my little heart out Thrusday and Friday. On Friday afternoon, I had to BUY packing boxes because we didn't have enough. Friday night, I pretended to enjoy my in-laws at my niece's Bat Mitzvah Shabbat dinner (held at the very non-kosher Club, that we all drove to, DO NOT get me started!!!). Satruday morning, 7 am, movers at the door. Not quite done with the packing, but what the heck, it's only 2 doors down.

The day is a blurr of pinting where things went, keeping the nieces and nephews from being trampled by movers (tehy all came to visit, what a nice day to try to form family ties.... again, DO NOT get me started!) and keeping my dad from re-wiring everything himself... He took apart the previous owner's Sukka roof, build an IKEA closet in the front hall, hooked up the computer and Wi-Fi (priorities!!!), built a rokcing chair and ottoman (a gift from them) and made hamburgers for us and the suprise 10 guests we had in the pool.

What did he forget to do? Stay hydrated and rest. So this afternoon at one, while I was runnign around buying shower curtain rods and wood to build a step, my mother left a very odd message on my machine. When I returned her call an hour later, she informed me my father had been hopitalized at 11 pm for a recurring kidney stone. He got dehydrated and started peing blood... I drove to the emergency room, only to find him being released. Was he better? No! He had them release him so he could go home to rest: he told everyone that would listen that he was leaving Friday to pick up his grand-daughter in China and he didn't have time to be sick. The part you don't know about is that the same thing happened on my wedding night... Guilt! I tell you, they might as well be jewish too!!!!

So I made my dad sick, I made my mother work at the store for two weeks... Guilt people!!!

He assures me that with a few pills, some cranberry juice and some rest, he will be in tip top shape to come to China. not that I could stop him anyways... after my wedding, it took about 3 days before he was back to normal, so I guess I have a precedent to go on....

Tonight was the actual Bat Mitvah ceremony and party. So I ran form the hospital to the hair dresser to the Schul. But when the appetizer came, I thought I was going to die, so hubby drove me home, where I am currently hiding, typing, and resting.... I jsut couldn't deal with the music, the 12 year olds in designers dressers and the rubber chicken dinner.

If I find the camera, I'll show you my new house...

Only 5 days left til the China departure..... Oy!

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the limping rabbi

2004-05-20 - 4:46 p.m.

well, whoever took care of it, thanks! Don't know if you actually had to break any knee caps, but I am now in possession of my conversion documents!

The house is in absolute shambles! The mover will be here bright and early this weekend. We're not totally done packing yet, but with tonight and tomorrow morning, we should be good. Not that we have a big choice!

when I wake up tomorrow morning, there will be only 7 days left before I leave for China... I'm now having minor breakdowns 4 to 5 times a day. I can't find the scissors - it makes me cry. I accidently box up something, I start to hyperventilate. I start to think about all the things I'm forgetting, the long list of things that still have to be done, and I totally loose my composure.

It's not all bad though. thanks to other people who have stayed in the same hotels before, I have been able to confirm that both hotels have internet access, so you will be getting some China updates direct from the horse's mouth!

Must pack more dishes....

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wanna break a Rabbi's knees?

2004-05-18 - 9:37 p.m.

OK, which one of you cranky hormonal bitches wants to scare a Rabbi into signing a paper for me? Background: as I've mentioned before, I wasn't born a Jew. I converted 2 and a half years ago, through the Orthodox program in my city. This meant very strict adherence to the rules. I was very, very good for the first 18 months. Then we got to a level we were more comfortable with in our lives, modern orthodoxy. We keep a strictly Kosher home but eat dairy outside the house. We don't work on Saturdays but don't make it to Schul every week. Recently, after making some friends through the cookbook committee, we started a little rolling Shabbat-dinner club with a few other couples, and with the baby coming, we've really been more mindful of sticking back to our original commitments.

here's where the rabbi-knee-breaking comes in. The Bet Din (committee of rabbis) never gave me my conversion certificate. It's common practice in our town to not receive our certificate until you have a baby or get married or move to Israel. This way, they make sure you are a *righteous convert*. It's a big bone of contention among the students in the program. If they convert you, they must believe in you, so why do they hold on to the paper? But I knew this going in, so I've never made a big deal about it. Over the last few months, my husband has tried to obtain this paper for me several times. Everytime we are told to come back after the next holidays. But now, I am about to go to China, without my husband. G-d forbid something should happen while I am away, I would like to have my paper with me to attest that I am a Jew. Also, if I am going to attend services in a Chinese Chabad, it might simplify the explanation of a French-Canadian woman with a chineese baby requesting a meal on Friday night!

But the head Rabbi is being a jerk. First he never returns our calls, then he's missing a signature, then he goes back to not returning our calls.... I'm at my wit's end with these people! this is exactely why the Orthodox program in this city has a bad reputation. this is more than peace of mind for me. When I get home, we have to convert the baby, and it cannot be done without this paper.

I know I'm not a perfect picture of converstion. But then again, nobody is. There are way worst people than me. And if I'm so bad, why do they call on my to come speak to new students? Obviously they must feel I'm doing something right?? Anyway, there are only a few days left. With Shavuot next week, I need to get my hands on this paper before Sundown on Friday. So if any of you run into a French-speaking Orthodox Rabbi who drives a little Toyota... lean on him a little!

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4 pictures, no words

2004-05-17 - 10:59 p.m.

I'm gonna try to do this with cliackable-thumbnails....

this is the window wall that faces you when you walk in:

if you turn right, this is the wall that has her changing table and the Pagoda Door which is her closet door.

Take another quarter turn right (which means you are now facing the wall you where you came in from), this is her crib, with the little girl swinging from a tree.

And finally, the last wall, which has her armoire, and a bunny and dog on the wall. We'll put a rocking chair and stool on that wall.

In case you want to see the fabricss up close, here is one, and here is the other....

that's all you'll get out of me tonight, I am pooped!

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