Got my period, lost my mind!

2004-03-21 - 7:28 a.m.

I SHOULD NOT blog about this, because I'm totally going to jinx myself...

What's that they say about idle hands??? My husband and I should never be left without several big projects to do, because we'll find something else to keep ourselves occupied.... 3 years ago, we bought our dream house, got engaged, got a funky retro car and opened a business in the space of 3 months. That was one crazy-ass summer!

Then, he proposed the day we got the house, so we spent the next few months thinking of a wedding. Come winter, I had my surgery and used my recuperation time to plan the color-coordinated wedding of the century. We did take about a one-year project break, but with the upcoming adoption, we spent last summer gutting and renovating the basement of our dream house.

Except it turns out, our dream house isn't this one, but the house 2 DOORS DOWN from our house... and it got listed on Thursday. And we visited it yesterday afternoon. And we haven't stopped one minute since, making pro and con lists, evaluating the value of our current house, figuring our where the furniture would go... We've officially gone completely nuts! We're going back this afternoon with our various advisors/parents/relatives to take a second look.

The rationale is that before we put one more penny into upgrading this house, we should take advantage of the market, sell and trade up. But the flip side is, we've only been here 3 years, we've put in blood, sweat and tears to make it the funkiest, most amazing house... I tell you, we've completely lost our minds.

We'd be looking at a late spring, early summer move... Didn't we have something else planned for that time? Oh yeah! A little trip to China, with the ultimate travel souvenir of all times: a baby! Who adopts a baby and moves at the same time.... I guess the same kind of people who renovate a house, open a business and get engaged at the same time.... 4 PM Update As we speak, my husband is speaking to the agent to accept the seller's counter offer. We offered, they countered, we're accepting. We just need an inspection and then it's done. We will own two houses on the same street, 2 doors down from each other. If the guy inbetween decides to sell, we could have a whole coumpound going!!!! This means I gotta get my ass in gear and fix up my house, so we can list it and sell it..... Holy Crap! what have we done?!?!?!?

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the reason we should never meet

2004-03-19 - 10:29 a.m.

I had an odd thought this morning. I was reading some of my faves, Chez Miscarriage, Fluid Pudding, A little pregnant, Uncommon Misconceptions, and my new secret SIL-hating pal The Crooked Cervix, when I thought the following:

They have TWoP meetings, where all the fans get together and dish. Why can't we have a *Cool Chics Who Blog* meeting? How great would it be to actually meet these fabulous women who help each other through the crisis of infertility, or simply lend a shoulder to cry on, or better yet, offer virutal shoe-shopping expeditions to cheer each other up.

But then I re-thought it. The *real* people in my life sometimes fail miserably at supporting me. So why would I want to jinx these fabulous *virtual friendships* by actually meeting. I fear that seing each other in person would somehow undermine the great bond we have. So to Shelba and Angela, Julie, Julia and Jodi, Rachel, Tresa and Dawn, Jen, Jennye and Shana, I just want to thank you for being my virtual friend. And who knows, maybe we'll run into each other in the waiting room of an exclusive fertility clinic, or better yet, at a big shoe sale. You'll recognize me, I'll be the one in pink, with the not-at-all-pregnant little belly sticking over the top of my new cute pants!!!!

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No, I'm not. But thank you for pointing it out.

2004-03-18 - 9:52 a.m.

Remember when the surprises in cereal boxes were little platic toys and stickers. Guess what we got in a box of cereal this morning? A DVD! I don't eat cereal, so I haven't been up on the upgrades of cereal-box give-aways, but I thoroughly enjoyed my episode of Mad About you (when they bring baby Mable home). My nephew was telling me the other day that he got Spy Kids I, not coincidentally just around the time Spy Kids III was becoming available on DVD. I actually told my husband this morning to only buy cereal with DVDs in it, especially kids stuff, so we can have something for nephews and nieces to watch when they come over. TV and Movies in cereal boxes..... I'm very very old.

I exchanged a few emails yesterday with a new reader and fellow blogger, who has the misfortune of having the same first same as one of my SILs and she got me thinking about something....

I've mentioned before that I've lost a lot of weight, thanks to a gastric bypass. I went form a 22 to a 6. But I'm no model now. I don't have excess skin hanging off like some of the people you see on those TV shows, but I do have a bit of a belly. Think of someone who's had a couple of kids. Or better yet, as most strangers seem to think, think of someone who's just starting to show, at 3 months pregnant. Because this is what I want to blog about. Those strangers, who see me for a couple of minutes, when I forget to suck in my stomach, and feel compelled to point out who cute my belly is and how far along am I. I kid you not, this happens all the time. The only way I could camouflage this would be to wear *body shaping* underwear that comes up really high to thighten my waist. I refuse to do that. I'm confortable in my low waist panties, semi-low waist pants and tees. I do try not to wear peasant shirts or anything that might remotely look like maternity wear, but I just don't know what to do when someone thinks I'm pregnant.

A couple times, when they were complete strangers, I just sort of smiled and pretended I was. But then one lady kept coming back to the store and wondering why I wasn't growing more. Instead of pointing out she had been wrong, I just mumbled something about it *going wrong* and left it at that.

But one time, the person who said "wow, you're pregnant! I heard you were having IVF, glad it worked out!" was a member of my soup committee. So I am going to see this perosn on a regular basis. I had to say "no, it didn't work actually, I'm just a bit pudgy in the belly." She looked mortified. And I was pretty uncomfortable too.

Honestly, I don't know how to deal with people. If I saw someone whit a small belly like this, I would never assume they were pregnant. It's really borderline pudgy/too much food at the all you can eat buffet. But other people feel compelled to point it out. what should I do? What should I say.

Wanna judge for yourself? I've posted a picture of myself with Kelly Ripa, where you can see what I'm talking about. (for the Kelly story, go here)

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Anyone seen a period?

2004-03-17 - 3:53 p.m.

I seem to be missing my period, again... If it wasn't for this blog, I'd have to way to track the irregularity of my almost-non-existent cycle since the failed IVFs. The last one was in late November, with a forced end date of December 6th. I didn't get my period a week later as planned, I didn't even get it a month later. I got it in late January during our big vacation. So you'd think at some point in February, I would have has another one. But no. Here we are, past mid-March, and no period in sight. Of course, I'm not complaining, but on the other hand, what's going on? Actually, here's my thought on my period: I can't have babies. So why torture myself with cramps and crabbyness, Midol and tampons for 15 more years. Let's just call it quits now and spend the the feminine-hygiene products money on shoes!

Speaking of shoes, I need to go find a cute pair of heels to match my new white Banana Republic suit** that I will be wearing to Bat Mitzvah next weekend. Once I have cute shoes, I shall buy a top to match, since shoes are more important than tops!

** I have a pet peeve. Sometimes, I buy clothes in stores, and when I want to show them to you, they don't have them online. I would love to show you my new white Banana Republic suit (3 buttons, piquee like a quilt, a-line skirt), but it's not on their website. And my good *friend-in-the-computer* Fluid Pudding, who knows me and my fashion sense so well, sent me a picture of a pair of Old Navy pants that she was sure I had bought. (Scary thing is, I did try them on, they didn't fit nicely. How'd she know that???) Anyway, I wanted to show her the great pants I got at The Gap instead, but on the web site, they only show in black and beige, not pink like I got. What's up with that??? Oh, by the way, I got the beige ones too.... It was buy one get one half off.... I know, I'm a bad girl

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I'm back baby!

2004-03-16 - 2:07 p.m.


Sorry I wasn't able to post while in Vancouver, but Dial-up sucks! Some days, I had to dial in 15 times just to connect, and then the speed was so slow, that I had to hang up after checking my mail so I wouldn't hog the phone line all day....

I won't dwell on the trip too much: her husband is a schmuck who doesn't help out, she's tired but loves her new baby and the baby is an angel that only cries if something is seriously wrong (ie food more than 20 late or diaper leaking into his pajamas). I had a great time playing Auntie, managed to knit him a sweater and matching hats (the first one was too big, so I made a second one with the left over yarn), made lots of yummy food for their freezer and watched way too much tv. So what else is new?

I also enjoyed some great shopping time, because Vancouver boasts not only Old Navy, but also Banana Republic and Restauration Hardware. I also did a litel shopping ath The Gap, which obviously we have at home, but the buy one get one half-off sale was going on and size 6 pants never make it to the sales rack, so I just *had* to get a couple of pairs!!!!

I left with a suitcase full of clothes that didn't fit me anymore to give to K and came back with an almost fuller suitcase full of new things for me!

When I got home, a package from Victoria's Secret was waiting for me and after 5 hours I can say Tiara Banks was right! The new bra is *the most comfotable bra* ever!!!! I originally just ordered one, with a free panty to match, but with 5$ off each bra and a deal on the undies, I'm glad I decided to get a second one, along with 3 extra pairs of undies. This bra is unbelievable! The low rise thong is not exactely my all time favorite (I like the seamless one from Jockey), but it's comfortable, rides low, and matches my new favorite bra, so there!

All righty, I gotta go catch up on the lives of my favorite blog-gals. See you tomorrow!

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