blogging fromt eh plane #2

2004-03-11 - 9:30 a.m.

Well, the plane ride was good. The entertainment provided by my laptop was a great compliment to the on-board movie. They showed Cheaper by the Dozen and I�m ashamed to admit that not only did I laugh out loud during the kids-destroying-the-house sequence, but I actually welled up when he finds his son on the train, on the way to bury his frog at their old house. How sad is it that a cynic like me can be so easily manipulated by a Disney movie� Really, I would never admit this to people in my *real* life.

I also read part of Ellen�s second book and had to put it away because I was laughing so loud, I was starting to look like a lunatic.

What did peeve me a bit is that I forgot my knitting at home. I had been working on an adorable baby cardigan for the Little Dumpling. I brought it upstairs while I was packing and forgot it on my husband�s night table. Of course, I should have double-checked before I left, but it was 6:30 in the morning and I ended up leaving it behind. I was really looking forward to finish it during my trip. I may actually end up trying to find some yarn to buy and start something else while I�m out here. Of course, I don�t know if we�ll be leaving the house much, but if I can find anyway to the mall, I�ll be picking up something to keep my hands busy.

I feel bad about leaving my husband alone with the store and the dogs for 5 days. It feels over-indulgent of me. I would never blink for one second if he wanted to go anywhere like that. I would totally be OK with it, I�d probably even encourage him to do it. But it makes me feel guilty to do it to him.

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blogging from the plane #1

2004-03-11 - 9:29 a.m.

How totally crazy is this. As I type this, I�m sitting on a plane, using my laptop (grant it, I�ll have to upload this later on the ground) and watching Saturday Night Fever on the built in DVD. Actually, I started to feel a little self-conscious and minimized the movie window because of the stripper and sex-in-the car scene was on, and frankly, the guy across the row was taking a bit too much interest in my screen!***

Sometimes I am just struck by the role technology plays in my life nowadays. First off, let me just say that my dad is a computer engineer and I was the first on to have any type of computer at my school, back in 1980. He went to a trade show in China and came back with a computer that was small enough to fit in our house, about the size of a large microwave! Then we had a Commodore 64, a full year before they hit the market. So it�s not a total surprise that I�m plugged in, but still. My cell phone has a full built-in Palm, and is Internet enabled. My house and office now have wireless internet so I can surf while watching TV, or read my recipe online WHILE I�m cooking. Nutty!

But the fact that I can watch a movie and blog from the relative comfort of my airplane seat just takes the cake for me. And John Travolta �.. The man was H.O.T. Like seriously hot. I was a bit young when the move first came out, but I remember the music. And I remember renting it on video (probably BETA!!!!) in high school. I went to see the musical last Sunday, the tour version. I was OK. But it made me want to see the movie again, which is what prompted my late evening Wal Mart shopping trip last night so I could bring it on the plane with me. (By the way, I got carded at the cash when I bought the movie. Turns out, you gotta be 18 to buy Saturday Night Fever! Who knew? Well, now that I see the stripper� but still! It�s a disco movie! But I was pleased to see the girl actually ask me for my ID. A) It�s flattering. B) They won�t end up on Dateline for allowing teenagers to buy disco!!!

***Side Bar: what�s the etiquette on public viewing of DVDs? Obviously, I would not be too pleased to sit on the plane next to someone watching porn. But what about this? John Travolta in his thigh black briefs. A stripper in a silver lam� g-string and bikini top, in the background. What�s the etiquette on that? Obviously, I felt uncomfortable enough to switch from full screen to small and start a document to cover it up, which prompter the question, what�s the etiquette?

Well, the partial nudity seems to be over, I can go back to my movie now�

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friends and family

2004-03-09 - 12:24 p.m.

The stroller was taunting me all afternoon, so we've put it away in an upstairs closet until we have a live child to try it out on.... Boy, that sounds creepy!

I'm leaving for Vancouver early tomorrow morning to go visit my best friend and her new baby. There is a bit of trepidation attached, as her husband and I have had differences of opinions in the past and a big blow up during our group trip to Florida in August. I plan to be on my best behavior and to let anything he says go in one ear and out the other, for the sake of the friendship with K. But I can't deny I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing.

Should be fun though, 5 days with a month-old newborn. My plan is to offer my services to lighten her load in anyway I can. Long walks with the dogs, cleaning and cooking, even taking care of the baby if she'll let me! I know she's a new mom and might not be comfortable with the idea, but I think the best would be if she would let me take over for a few hours a day so she can sleep as much as possible. He's mostly on formula anyways because she's not producing very much breast-milk, so it makes it a bit easier for someone else to feed him.

My mother had her first radiation for breast cancer this morning and I went with her. It's a weird environment. Everyone knows each other because they're there every single day together. My mom is not really good at making friends with strangers, but I hope she gives it a chance and lets the people who have alreay been there a little while help her adjust to whatever will come along.

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Somebody lend me a baby

2004-03-08 - 3:17 p.m.

I need to borrow a baby. It's not what you think, I haven't lost my mind and I don't need to stay away from shopping centers where I could *get* a baby.... I just need to borrow one, for a few minutes...

The mailman was kind enough to deliver THIS!!!!! I've assembled it (just a tad frustrating, pictures only, no instructions), and now I'm rolling it around my living room. it's so pretty! We got the orange one, they didn't make it in pink!

So no I need to borrow a baby, because otherwise, I might have to try one of the dogs out in the bassinet!!!!

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