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2004-03-05 - 5:01 p.m.

open letter to the lovely people at Martha Stewart Omnimedia:

Dear Lovely people,

it sucks the big toe that Martha was just found guilty and will have to spend time in the big house. While I'm sure she will do more for prison reform than a riot started by my man Kiefer, you must be wondering what to do about the magazines, the TV shows and the products lines.

I'd like to offer my services. I'm very Martha-like. I quilt, I sew, I paint and renovate with my own tools, I scrapbook and knit, cook and bake. I do not do electrical or plumbing, but we can work something out.

While the jury was announcing their verdict, I was buzy preparing a Super-Shabbat meal: fresh greens with mandarines and pears, Brisket and Spare Ribs in honey garlic sauce, MonteCarlo Potatos, slow roasted tomatoes, brocoli and asparagus, and a raisin-spice cake. Oh, and I made Pisco Sours as Aperitifs.

I'm pretty cute with my new haircut, I can do my own simultaneous translation in French, German and Spanish, and if you write it down for me, I would manage my way through hebrew too.

So if you need someone to help out over there, just drop me a line. I promise to give Martha her job back when she comes home.


Wanna-be Martha.

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Ding Dong! The witches are gone!

2004-03-05 - 10:16 a.m.

It must be getting crowded in here... I know somebody's husband refers to us cybeer-pals as "the friends in the computer", well, let me tell you, they are unbelievably caring! Never mind all the support emails that we send back and forth, the e-cards and good wishes. I will withhold names because I haven't cleared it with either of them, but two of my cyber buddies have made me feel very, very special. The first one sent me a copy of a baby knitting book that she didn't need and knew I would put to good use (sweety, your yarn is on the way!). And after my briefly mentioning that I would not have a baby shower, a sweet inquiring mind dug around for more info. Following a few private emails, this sweet, sweet person offered to send out emails and hold a cyber-shower via a gift list...

I've never been very good at accepting kindness, so this is a learning experience for me. THANK YOU!

TV Talk What a night last night! First Sue quits, then Omarosa gets fired!!!! Ding Dong! They're both gone!

Honestly, I think Sue blew that whole thing way out of proportion. She chose to go down that particular beam, and she was free to shove him off at any time. Plus, the man is GAY! So it's not like he was trying anything... As for Omarosa, I don't think I've ever enjoyed watching someone self-destroy quite as much as I did last night. Honestly. Could she have been more Snotty, SElf-important, and a downright Snob?!?!? Her demise was SOOOOOO enjoyable!!!!

Big Shabbat dinner tonight. I made my first Brisket yesterday and refrigerated it for easier slicing. I snuck a bite and it's yummy! Along with my famous beef ribs, veggies, scallopped potatoes and a raisin spice cake, it should be a fun evening. I've invited my brother and his best friend, who just happens to be the boyfriend of the first girl who worked for us at the store. So I'm looking forward to catching up with her, and getting the two strong, non-jewish boys to move a couple of pieces of furniture out of the baby's room.... Bad of me, I know! But I can't move them by myself!!! So they get a good feeding in exchange for 10 minutes of work!

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Baby Fairy Tale

2004-03-03 - 2:33 p.m.

I know, I know, get to work already, but I've had two baby related thoughts that I need to share before I get on with it. The first one comes curtosy of my hubby, who just emailed me this article. All I can say is 400 at the Waldorf??? Geez! Actually, I suspect my hubby was trying to give me no-so-subtle hints, because I said something the other day along the lines of "when we get back from China, I want to rent a big white tent in the back yard and have a huge baby-naming/BBQ for EVERYONE we know. we've been cheated out of so many baby-related things (pregnancy, birth, shower, etc), I want to do one big thing to show everyone how excited we are about this baby". Maybe he's afraid I've got my eye on the Queen Elizabeth Ball room!!!!

My second baby related thought comes straight from a comment I just posted on A little Pregnant following Julie's sad news... I will call it A Baby Fairy Tale:

Julie and her husband are currently stuck in a big intersection. The traffic stalled them after the IUI/IVF exit and they must now decide whether or not they want to go down Donor Street. When we crossed that road, I looked down Donor Street and told my husband to pull over right away and make a sharp left on International Adoption Avenue. Donor Street seemed so scary, so dark and bumpy, I just didn't have the stomach to even try, not even one block. The truth is, we never even realy talked about it. I just couldn't contemplate it after getting off at IVF exit. I needed a map and a certain reassurance that we would get to our destination, so my dear hubby helped find the way through International Adoption Avenue.

But eventually, we will all reach Motherhood. Whether we use a GPS or take a bus or have to travel to China first, we will all meet in Motherhood. Julie and me and Getupgrrl, Julia, Carueala, Shelba, Maria, we will ALL be there. And we won't need story books and Fairy Tales when we get there. We'll have so many stories to tell our children about how badly we wanted them and all the demons and dragons that we slayed to get them... The will be the most blessed children of all.

OK, I am actually going to do work now.

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the pretty little procrastinator

2004-03-03 - 1:16 p.m.

Things that I need to be doing right now:

1- change the store window display... Valentine's day is over!

2- unpack the 4 orders that have come in the last 2 days

3- Write the end of year tax papers for the employees, which I need to hand out by Friday

4- catch up on all the January and February accounting for the store

5- put some order in the back store, which is a total disaster area, AGAIN.

Things I am doing INSTEAD:

1- Writing this blog entry

2- Reading all my favorite blogs

3- Wasting time on TWoP speculating about tomorrow night's Survivor and The Apprentice

So my inner procrastinor has reared it's pretty little head again... I think I overdid it yesterday, with all the stripping (of wood!), I ended up coming home from work with a splitting headache. It was so bad, I wasn't able to watch more than the first 30 min of American Idol, I kept nodding in and out of Curb your Enthusiam, and by 9 pm, I had to be helped upstairs to go to sleep. Not unitl I saw the first 5 minutes of Forever Eden and decided that even if a nuclear attack happened tomorrow, there is no way I would watch one second of that *show*!!!!

So after 11 hours of sleep, I feel better, but cannot get motivated to do anything remotely constructive. So I hope Fluid Pudding and UltraTart and Mimi Smartypant, Julie, Julia, Shelba and all the others have lots to entertain me with, 'cause watch out, I'm coming to check out your blog!!!

4:43 Update I've made a new, Spring inspired window display. Maybe I'll really step it up now and unpack an order.... or maybe I'll go to TWoP...

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Bubby would have been proud.

2004-03-02 - 4:12 p.m.

I cannot believe I am about to say this.... Even though this weekend involved a funeral and almost 48 hours of uninterupted interaction with my husband's family, I had a great weekend! I know, I should have warned you..... I'm still in shock myself!

We had a quiet Friday night: pasta dinner and knitting/reading (I knit, he reads). Saturday, I started a very, very stupid project which I am sure to live to regret, but I will tell you more about that later...

Saturday evening, well, 5:30 actually, we had friends over for dinner. She is the girl who runs the doggy daycare and over the last two years, we've become quite friendly. They've come over severaltimes for dinner. They have an adorable 10 month old, who has 2 dogs of his own. Because she has also boarded my dogs several times, they were very easy going around the baby, really, they couldn't care less, they just wanted to play with her! We had a lovely dinner and great conversation.

Sunday was the day of hubby's grand-mother's funeral. Obviously, that wasn't fun, but his eldest sister who lives out of town came with her two kids. I love those kids. We get along really well with this sister and her husband, and it really shows in our relationship with these 2 kids. The other nephews and nieces are distant and uncomfortable around me because they don't see me often (even though they live 10 blocks away), but these 2 are just totally all over me. Their mom made a really nice eulogy, and my MIL actually seemd to be back on earth for a while and also made a very nice speach.

We went to Zaidie's retirement home for the Shiva. There were lots of people. When D, my sister in law from out of town announced they were staying the night, I suggested dinner. They other sisters liked that idea to and in the end, all 19 of us, including the 10 nieces and nephews, went out for a fancy steak dinner (I haed fish, not wanting to rock the boat on non-kosher meat!). It was a really fun dinner.

Monday was our day off. With hubby's sis still in town, we made plans to spend the day with them. They came over for brakfast at our house, and then we took advantage of the sunshine and spring-like weather to take the dogs to the park. I'm not sure who had more fun, the dogs or the kids! Everyone was runnign around, throwing and fetching sticks, hiding behind trees and just plain having fun. We grabbed lunch and walked around the city, before heading back to Zaidie's for the Shiva.

It's really too bad that it takes such a sad event to bring about such a beautiful couple of days, but I know my husband's Bubby would have been thrilled to see us all having such a good time.

Finally, let me clue you in on my *I will live to regret it* project: We have begun the baby's room. We have fabulous oak trim throughout the house, except upstairs, it's been painted over. I had the brillant idea to strim the trim in the baby's room to stain it back to the natural oak, which would look great with the furniture. Except of course, I forgot to take into account the fact that the house is 80 years old, that there are at least 7 colors of paint (times 2 coats each) and that some of the paint is sure to contain lead.... Fun fun! I stripped most of the day Saturday, and I did 3 hours this morning. I still have a good day and a hald of stripping before I can get to the sanding and staining. It will look fabulous when I'm done, but right now, I wish I had never had the idea. I should have just painted the trim yet one more coordinating color and just let it be. But oh no, I had to have a great idea.....

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