Rebel with a Clothing Cause

2004-02-05 - 7:39 p.m.

Thanks to Newfoundland, I've already seen tonight's episode of Friends. As much as I get hicky feelings about Monica in the fat suit, Chandler's Flock of Seagul hairdo, Rachel's legging and jacket with the weird flutter and the 80's music was awsome!

I find it really scary that my teenage years are now *retro*. The other night, the cheesy easy-listening radio station was having a top 80 of the 80's night and I knew all the words to all the songs. Then it occured to me that the teenagers in the car next to us were totally disgusted that their parents were listening to this (obviously reliving their 20's) and here I was, totally reliving my first high school dance, making *tapes* for my friends, wearing clothes in secret that my mother would never let me buy or borrow.... I am a grown up. An Adult. Every now and then, I need reminding.

Finally, earlier this week as was babbling about needing a new look because the short sleeve on long sleeve look had been appropriated by Deidre Hall. Tonight, I took a stroll through The Mall. It's a shitty mall, only alive because of the Kosher Butcher, The Gap and several shoe stores (what every self respecting JAP needs to get through the day). It does have 3 of 4 independant clothing *Boutiques*. And the spring collections are full of pink. Nice dressy jackets with funky skirts. Retro, vintage looking cardigans with bows. My trendy avant-garde look has been appropriated by the main stream. Help! I need a new look. I cannot, will not look like every other SUV-driving suburbanite in my neighbourhood. OK, so I have the SUV and I live here, but I don't have to look like I belong!!!!!

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It's not always all about me

2004-02-05 - 11:13 a.m.

I called my mom last night to tell her about K's baby. My mom and K are pretty close, consider she's *my* mother! In high school, K spent a lot of time at our cottage, then when K moved to Vancouver 8 years ago, my parents went to visit her quite a few times, either beginning or ending the cross-Canada biking vacations at her house. So of course, my mother is thrilled about this new baby. K'm mother passed away 4 years ago, so I know my mom feels a certain responsabilty to play grandma to this little one.

But I heard the sadness in her voice last night. That it wasn't me. That it couldn't be me. She didn't say anything. And I *KNOW* she is praying everyday for the adoption to go threw and will be the best grandma ever to our little dumpling (aka TBA), but still, there was sadness there on the phone. And it made me sad. As much as I wanted a pregnancy for myself, I realise now that I also wanted it for others. For my dear husband, who has a daily reminder of his struggle for a deep breath. For my mom, who had given so much to us and now must deal with the big C. For my dad, who has been ready to be a grandpa for about 10 years now and has never once said anything. For me. But for them too.

OK, switch to happy thoughts.

I am really looking forward to this weekend trip to San Francisco. I've been there once before and didn't feel I got enough time to see the city. I want to go shopping, obviously. But I want to check out art studios, museums, parks. I want to ride the tram and eat Dim Sum in Chinatown. It's gonna be fun!

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A Julie Groupie

2004-02-04 - 4:41 p.m.

oh my god! Julie wrote a comment on my blog! THE Julie! I'm a total Julie Groupy!

OK, coming back down to earth now, thanks for the comment. I can't believe she actually took the time to write considering her upcoming uterine renovations!

The worst part about my friend having her baby is that I had round two IVF the same week she did. To make it even worst, she got 18, that's right, 18 perfect, grade A goodness eggs that translated in 18 embryos, all good or very good. Then, she got pregnant on the first try, with 16 little fellows still in the freezer. Obviously, I'm tickled pink she had a healty baby this morning, but DAMN!

**End of bitter infertility rant. We now return to our regularly scheduled happy programming.**

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baby boy blue

2004-02-04 - 1:29 p.m.

My dear, dear friend K had a baby boy this morning. I haven't spoken to anyone directly yet (her hubby called my store and my hubby was there) but it's a boy, 8lbs3oz, 21", Carl Nicholas (maybe with a K, I don't know yet). She did have an emergency C section after 12 hours of labour, but I hear everyone is fine (OK, I'm sure she's in terrible pain) and I will give her some time to rest before I call her to speak to her.

Now I gotta get my butt in gear and finish the Winne the Poo cross stitch I started for them. I hate cross stitching, but I know she'll love it when it's done (it's like a birth announcement with the name and weight).

I must admit, I had a twinge when I heard the news. I mean, I knew the baby would be born, so it wasn't a shock, but still, there was a part of me that was jealous, sad, angry even. Not at her, obviously. At g*d, at circumstances, at life.

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I refuse to look like Deidre Hall

2004-02-03 - 6:36 p.m.

I'v totally lost my readership. I use to average 25 regulars a day, now I'm down to about 2 or 3.... go on vacation, people forget you! I will buy some banners and drum traffic back up because people, I'm an attention-whore!!!! (just kidding, even if no one read this, I would still write, it helps to get it written down sometimes)

Anyways, regular readers from last Spring (if any of you are still here) will remember my obsession with wearing short sleeve tees over long-sleeve tees, more precisely, whether or not I was too old to carry that look.

My conclusion at the time was that since Jennifer Anniston was doing it, and I'm younger than her in real life and the same age as her Friends character, it was perfectly fine for me to keep on doing it.

Last week, when I got back from vacation, I was vegging on the couch and caught an episode of Ellen Degenes' show. I like her, she's funny, but I don't get to watch her show much, I'm at work at that time (believe it or not, I do not watch tv 24/day!)

Anyway, back to my topic. So I catch a segment with Deirdre Hall, who is not only wearing a short-sleeve on top of long sleeve ensemble, but she actually goes on to explain that she was starting to look to much like her character and had a stylist help her with a hipper, younger look. Ladies and Gentlemen, if Deirdre Hall is carrying the look I am definately NOT too old for it. I am, however, not going to wear it EVER again because, Deirdre Hall is wearing it! Come on! How unstylish and untrendy can you get!!!! Next, I 'll be wearing the Delta Burke Collection!

OK, before you write to me and tell me how stylish Deirdre Hall is or how much you *love* the clothes in the Delta Burke collection, Don't! I'm not saying it's not nice, it's just not me! I tend to be more on the funky, trendy side and well, when aging soap stars have stylist suggest a look to them, it's time for me to find another look for myself!

Lucy's health update

After months of speculation, hypo-allerginic diets and countless bottles of Cortisone pills, Lucy had her doggy allergy test this afternoon and surprise surprise (not!), she reacted right away to dust, dustmites, and another common household bug thingy (forgot the name). I knew it! the dog is allergic to our house! We could move, but that might be pushing it a bit, so we will have her put on desensitisation shots to try to reduce the reaction, and we will try to reduce the allergens in the house too. But finally, after all this time, this poor dog can have a treat and go back to eating regular dog food. She is over the moon, but also a bit confused. I gave her a big treat and she didn't know what to do with it!!!!

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baby gift quandry

2004-02-03 - 12:14 p.m.

One of my closest and dearest friend (I've been having problems withe the words *best friend* lately, because of the competition aspect of being better than someone else) is having a baby anyday now. I originally was going to fly out to Vancouver to be with her when the time came, but in the end, her sister in law decided to go (she actually has 3 kids, so I guess she's better qualified!) so I will go at soime point later on, once things are settled.

Because she lives clear across the country, I wasn't able to attend her shower either (Actually, I would ahve gone, but they had it while we were in Chile). So now, she has everything. Months ago, I told her I wanted to buy her a fancy stroller, but they got one on sale on day, and it seems crass to just give her money for it. They I thought I would buy her a crib, but someone was kind enough to give them theirs. It's not that I don't want to give her clothes and stuff, but this is someone I have known for 20+ years, I want to give her something special, something that will stick around for a while, that she can always remember came from me.

I will eventually make the baby a quilt, but I tend to procastinate, so I was looking for something as memorable, but more timely. So I had this idea, I want some feedback on it. I did some research and found a really nice photographer in her area. He does classy black and white work, not Mall-Studio busy background stuff. (not that there is anythong wrong with that, it's just not her style).

So I tought I would hire him to go over there in a few weeks (he recommends waiting til the baby is 2 or 3 months), to do a session with them and the baby. I would pay for the session, along with a selection of prints, they would be free to get extra if they want. Then, I would mail them a pretty frame this week, with the voucher in the frame, explaining what the gift is.

Hubby says it's a good idea, but I'd kind of like another opinion. What dou you all think????

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San Francisco bound

2004-02-02 - 1:24 p.m.

I haven't totally finished unpacking from South America and I've got to turn the suitcases inside out and start over for a weekend trip to San Francisco (shopping for the store).

Any tips on shopping, dining, visiting? We've both beenthere before, so we want to stay away from touristy and do local, trendy stuff.

TV TALK first of all, I didn't watch the SuperBowl, so I only caught the Janet thing on the news this morning, but anybody who thinks that was accidental, Puh-Lease!

Second: Survivor All Star..... Oh baby. I'm hoooked! So Ididn't remember everyone right off the bat, but I am so into this show, it's sick! I fear for Rupert, my personal favorite, but still, it's gonna be good! Apparently, nobody's learned anything from their first appearances, except maybe for Jerry, who seems to have had a personality abduction!

I haven't written much in the last few days, tired. But I promise a better post later on today.

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