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2003-12-21 - 2:37 p.m.

That's it! It's behind me! The hanukah party, the hanukah pajamas, all done, all finished, they came and went, it was a typical in-laws event: they were late, my MIL made a big scene, nobody spoke to my parents, nobody spoke to me, the kids we loud and spoiled, and my laundry room is full of wrapping paper... happy times!

The good part was that my good friend IH came with her husband to be and they not only were an nice break from teh crazy family, they stayed and helped up clean up, put the tables back in their place and hung out for a while before going home. We had a lovely time.

LAst time, hubby and I went to see a fabulous documentary called *Roger Toupin, Epicerie Variete*, about a man who ran a local corner store his whole life. It's a montreal thing, you probably will never get to see it, but man, it moved us so much!

Today, I'm at work, helping out the shoppers! Come people, SPEND!

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cooking and sewing!

2003-12-17 - 12:23 p.m.

Nothing like a snow storm and an upcoming party to cook for to get you out of the slums!

I spent Monday morning clearing the back part of our *J* shaped driveway to get the cars out from under the 10 inches of snow that fell. The dogs were so happy playing in the snow, and Lucy, who's not too swift on her feet, took some of the funniest tumbles I've ever seen. It's mean to laugh at her, but boy, that dog got me laughing!

Monday afternoon was phase 1 of project hanukah party: grocery shopping! Veggies, fruit, meat, I got it all! It fills the downstairs fridge and every nook and cranny left in the kitchen fridge too!

The 14 pairs of pajamas are sewn, just gotta put the elastic in the waistband to call them done. I have stamped cute little cards to give the kids their book gift cards from my husband. I have made a batch of 123 meatballs (yes, I actually counted as I dropped them into the sauce), a double batch of chicken wontons, chocolate snow-cap cookies and chocolate bark. All done! I still have to make 3 kinds of latkas, a few salads, a couple more desserts, but I will be ready for my 24 guests on Friday night!

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