AAARRGGGH! (best title I could come up with)

2003-12-05 - 4:53 p.m.

the fertility clinic is trying to kill me. I'm not kidding you. Day 17 of this never-ending third cycle, still on 3 shots, Orgolutran making my head spin. So I had yet another scan this morning. I expected them to tell me one follicule had finally reached the magic number 18 and we could schedule harvesting for Monday. Alas, not to be. Will go back AGAIN for th 151th scan tomorrow morning at 8:15 (don't even get me started on the whole going to the hospital on Shabbat.....), and we will review then.

So I took a deep breath and tried to convince myself that 24 more hours could mean a couple of extra millimiters, who knows, maybe 2 would reach the magic number 18.

But an hour later, the head doctor's personal secretary calls me to tell me he wants to see us Tuesday at noon. Excuse me? They claim it's regarding the documentary, but people, I don't believe them for one second. They're going to call the whole thing off, I just know it.

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Day 15, still no end in sight

2003-12-04 - 10:06 a.m.

Well, believe it or not, I am now on day 15 of this crazy IVF cycle, *STILL* taking the hormones.... yesterday's scan showed one follicle at 16mm, the others were all now in low double digits (some 12, some 13). So we keep going... This is very hard. Especially since starting the Orgalutron. I've got the worst side-effects with that one. Dizzy like you wouldn't believe, tired to the point of not getting off the couch an entire day (yesterday) and achy like I've run a marathon. (I'm guessing on that one, having never run a marathon).

I'm having yet another scan tomorrow and we should know if maybe we could try to harvest Monday or Tuesday. I pray that we can, 'cause otherwise I might just pull the plug on the whole thing. I mean, at some point, it's just going to be too much.

And if yesterday wasn't hard enough physically, my mom went to the doctor for her follow up and sure enough, it's breast cancer. She doesn't know much more than that right now, has to go back yet again next week for a plan of attack, but preliminary conversation with ther doc yesterday was Radiation in February, once her wound has healed.

Not even Paris Hilton filling milk bottles and prancing around at a picnic wearing 10 grand worth of tiny little clothes could cheer me up.

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shoes and bonding

2003-12-02 - 11:19 a.m.

interesting last couple of days....

Sunday was split between working and vegging out on the couch. I did finish buying all the flannel I will need to complete the 14 pairs of Hanukah pajamas I must sew in the next couple of weeks, that is, except for one. I saw this absolutely perfect snowboard-girl fabric at one store, but they didn't have enough left. Of course now, when I think of one niece, I can't picture any other fabric, so I will need to go look for it at different stores.....

Sunday night we took hubby's half-sister to dinner and then watched Facelift. I soooo love Debbie Travis! her show is simple the greatest home-renovating show there is! (and I'm not just saying that 'cause I tried to be on it!)

Monday morning started off with the requisite scan. Still growing, started the 3rd daily shot: Orgolutran, to make sure I don't actually ovulate naturally and loose the eggs. I don't think there is a big fear of that happening, but let's not take a chance.

Then it was a really fun bonding day for me and D, my hubby's half-sister. He really isn't close to her or her brother. They live in Florida, he only saw them during summer vacations when he visited his dad, and rare occasions when they came up to Canada. So when we first got together, he didn't have much to tell me about them. In the past, our meetings have been a bit odd, because we had nothing to talk about. But D and I went shoe shopping Monday. Nothing like bonding over winter boots! Then we went to see "Love Actually", which we both absolutely loved! I did feel bad for the girl with the crazy brother, 'cause that was one fine dude she gave up, but the rest of the movie was very cheery. (Oh yah, emma thompson also gets jipped, but somehow I didn't feel as bad for her....)

After the movie, we went to a funky trendy clothing store where we dropped a few bucks. By the time we got back home, where I made dinner for her, her brother and their mom (my hubby's step-mom), we were good pals. She's only in her early 20's, but I really enjoyed my time with her and I know the next visits will be more fun. Also, next time we're in Florida, I won't let my husband try so hard to avoid getting together with them!

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