little orphan Annie

2003-10-03 - 3:54 p.m.

oh happy day! doesn't take much to make me happy. today, I wore a pair of light blue, slightly patterned fish net stockings (sound weird, Iknow, but they are very nice, by DIM) and my new little orphan Annie-inspired fall coat that I bought at Athropology when I was in Boston in August.... its' been taunting me in the front hall closet ever since: "Wear me!" "I'm so pretty", and finally, it's cold enough!

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everyone, this is Lucy....

2003-10-02 - 12:01 p.m.

Everyone, Meet Lucy.

Lucy is going to be our new dog. She had been trained by our dog trainer as a puppy, but she's too high energy for her family, so they've given her up to the trainer, asking him to place her somewhere more appropriate for her. He thought of us. We had been thinking about getting Mortimer a pal, but there had been no catalyst to bring a 2nd dog into our house. Until Lucy.

When the trainer emailed her picture a few weeks back, we were shocked by how much she looks like Mortimer. We've been told she's a Golden Retriever / Poodle mix. We met her last week, brought Mortimer out to play with her. She's much fuzzier than he his, but they are about the same size. At first, he was uninterested in playing with her, mostly 'cause it was at the trainer's house and he was unsure of why we were there. But after a few minutes, he started playing with her and they got on very well. She's very eager to please, having spent her days crated while her family was at work. Well, Lucy, that life if over for you! After she completes her training, she will come home to a house where 1 person is home all day, she can come to work at the store if she wants to, she'll have a fenced-in yard and of course, Mortimer to keep her company. We really hope you like it at our house, dear Lucy, we're very excited to have you join our little family...

No shopping yesterday. I had all the best intentions, but couldn't get a parking spot, after also 30 minutes of looking! So I gave up and went home, where I caught up with Dr. Phil and Coronation Street....

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high heels

2003-10-01 - 1:56 p.m.

First shoe shopping expedition was a success. I went for a Hush Puppies boot, I don't remember their name and they are not on the web site for some reason.... 3" heel, mid-calf, all weater-suede... very nice. My husband was a little taken aback when he saw them on this morning. His words were "Those are some boots", which is hubby speak for "what the heck are you wearing?!?!?"

Today shopping objective: a dress for a wedding in 3 weeks, a second pair of fall shoes (less pricey) and a bunch of thights and nylons, since it's getting cold and we actually turned on the heat last night....

Basement update: the cork floor is done, just missing the baseboards, and bye-bye contractors!!!!

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fall shoes

2003-09-30 - 12:22 p.m.

I'm sinking to new lows.... I've resorted to using a banner to try to bring some traffic back... Take a week off from blogging, loose all your regulars....

I had hebrew class number 4 last night, I'm starting to be a bit less lost.... it was somewhat humilating thought, when the teacher put on the israeli equivalent of Sesame Street, a video for kids to learn basic letters, and we were totally lost... A bunch of grown adults watching Barney-type songs... a sight to see!

This afternoon, I will take a break from store related data-entry for a much more important mission: Fall Show Shopping! The weather is gettign quite chilly, I'm even wearing socks today for the first time since April, so it's time to drop the open-toed sandals and switch to winter-wear.

Last fall, I was very into flat, all weather slip-on shoes. Very casual, very sporty. This season, my clothes are much less "cargo", much more "ladies-who-lunch", so I need new shoes. Living in the land to the north, I can't get away with kitten heels and the like, so I'm going to be looking for some mid-calf or knee high boots, with some height, but also some stability in the heel.... tall order.

I wish Stacey and Clinton from What not to Wear could come with me.... I love shoe shopping, but I get overwhelmed and end up with nothing (except for Campers of course, which are the darn best shoes ever, but not appropriate for the look I'm going for this season....)

Aren't you glad I'm back? An entire shoe entry.....

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Back with a vengence

2003-09-29 - 11:28 a.m.

Happy Monday Morning to one and all! I'm back, with a vengence! With the Holiday Lunch behind me, and the closing of the store on Mondays for the winter season, I should have time to regale you with tales of my life once again.....

Rosh Hashana Lunch on Sunday was a hit! We had new people join our croud of usuals, which made for entertaining conversation. Food was delish if I do say so myself, kids and babies were well behaved and Mortimer loved all of them.

Which is good, because he might have to share his space soon.... no, no babies on the way yet, but we are thinking of getting a second dog, Lucy, who has been abandoned by her too-busy owners and his currently residing with our dog trainer until he finds her a home. We're number one on the list. She is sooooo cute, she actaully looks just like Mortimer, only fluffier.... will keep you posted on this topic when he decides who gets her....

Now, let's talk TV!!! Hope and Faith was funny, but I'm partial to Kelly, so I was pre-disposed to like it. Alias kicked butt! At first, I was screaming, why didn't I think of that, he's not Vaughn, he's some double, it hasn't been two years.... Ah, fooled again! That last scene, when she tells him she would have waited for him... PRICELESS! L&O Criminal Intent was also excellent, did disapoint me in not mentioning something he learned in a class he took, but he did make references to being a big fan of the architect, that was enough for me.

Survivor is, once again, the king of reality shows, only surpassed by TAR.... MAking them get off the boat in their clothes.... Ha Ha! Mark Burnett is an evil genius! (boy, bet you nobody was making fun of that scout leader for traveling in her outfit after that!!!)

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