bring on the apples and honey!

2003-09-25 - 2:38 p.m.

The front door needs one more coat of stain, the floor isn't going to be done in time, my mother had skin cancer surgery on her calf yesterday, I still haven't started cooking, I've got 3 more orders to unpack at the store, and at sundown tomorrow night, I have to take a deep breath and let it all fall to the wayside for the jewish new year.....

Welcome to my world!

Some things are going well though: we found a new cleaning woman that is just amazing. not only does she really clean (I'm talking dusting the top of door frames and the inside of chandeliers), but she also managed to do 2 loads of laundry yesterday. I actually like doing laundry, so normally, I wouldn't get her to do it, but the last few days have been so nutty, it was a big help to have her do it. She even folded everything!

All the shopping for the big Rosh Hashana lunch is done, except for plastic forks (we always buy the mixed bags, so now I have a thousands knives and spoons, but no forks....). I still have to do the cooking and baking, but that's on tomorrow schedule. here is what I've decided to make: curried couscous salad and an apple walnut salad, 40 clove garlic chicken, paoched salmon, with slow roasted baby tomaotes, roasted mixed fall veggies, rosemary scallope potatoes. I'm making some cookies and one guest is bringing the ever popular apple cake. Should be a good meal, not too much work since everything can be made in advance and just reheated on sunday morning.

Don't know if I'll get around to posting tomorrow (there is sooo much Iwould like to say about tv: Jun winning BB4, Bachelor Bob, Survivor...), so let me just wish my jewish readers (jennye, for one) a Shana Tova, Hatima Tova, Schniout Shalom am al Israel and all that good stuff. Easy on the honey cake!

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still very busy, but here's what I've been doing....

2003-09-22 - 2:03 p.m.

boy oh boy, it's been a few days since I've blogged anything. my apologies....

the store has been keeping me very busy, lots of new stuff arrived, plus I'm trying to set us up on the new computer-based cash register, big job.

I also had a crazy weekend because I went to Ottawa to attend the wedding of my ex-boyfriend.... it's a funny story:

we dated 11 years ago in university, broke up 10 years ago this november. But then, we did the unthinkable, we stayed friends. At first, we were just friends, but over the years, we actually became very good, close friends. He had never dated anyone before me and only had a few casual dates after me until he met his future wife, so over the years, we had made a lot of jokes about marrying each other at some point. But I met my hubby and he eventually met his now-wife. I did invite them to my wedding last year, but they are in the foreign service and were out of the country at the time. They had a very small wedding, his mother is very ill, but they still invited us. Hubby couldn't come, so I went on my own. Lots of his relatives were alittle taken aback by seing me there, having not seen me in 10 years. I must admit, it is a bit weird that we are still friends, and I know his wife also had misgivings when they first started dating.

The funniest part of the weekend was right after the ceremony, before the reception, his cousin, who is a very good friend of mine (she was a bridemaid in my wedding) was talking to his father, mentioning that I was staying at her house and his dad asks:" THE Mortimer's Mom? she's here? Does HE know? Wait, does his wife know???" It was soooo funny! My friends new wife came up behind him and had to reassure him that I was indeed and invited guest and that she actually liked me and we got along!!!

I'm still sanding my front door, trying to have it all finished for the weekend. Our contractor is working like mad to finish the basement floor so I can host my Rosh Hashana lunch down there on Sunday. Might now happen, might need to squeeze everyone in the dining room, but if he can pull it off, we'll have lots of room in the new basement rec-room.

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