busy bee

2003-09-16 - 5:39 p.m.

busy busy busy.... boxes of new stuff arriving everyday at the store, trying to unpack and price everything, although only temporarily, as we are switching from a cash register to a computer-based point-of-sale program, with a little bar-code reading device.... very cool and 21st century for a little gift store. But with over 800 unique items, not counting the cards and balloons, we need it, fast!

Our basement reno is almost finished. I shouldn't say anything, I'll jinx it, but the floor should start being put in tomorrow and be finished by the weekend. Then it's just baseboards and door trim and we are done! With Rosh Hashana a week and a half away, I'm very excited at the possibility of turning my newly renovated basement in a temporary dining room to host all our friends. Since the furniture wouldn't be in yet, it would be a nice long room to put a couple of tables in and have lots of room to eat at.

Canadian Idol ends tonight and I couldn't care less. The fact that Gary is in the finals is a farce. I'm not going to watch.... ok, maybe the last 2 minutes just so I'll *know* who won.

Had week two of Hebrew last night, much better, I was able to follow along and not feel like a total idiot.

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clean your house!

2003-09-15 - 4:51 p.m.

*patting myself on the back* What a productive weekend I had! I stripped the paint off our front door and 2 shutters, in anticipation of staining it a dark green. (It was white paint, very dirty looking). We attended a friend's get together, watched another friend run a marathon (Ok, we stood in one spot and waited for him to run by, but still, we got out of bed and spent a couple of hours waiting for him, he was thrilled to have support), started weeding the yard AND managed to keep up with every single home renovation show that was on this weekend!

I caught the new show on TLC "Clean Sweep", and a couple of episodes of "Sell this House" and I just want to say: WHO LIVES LIKE THIS???? I am not, have never been, never plan on being a neat freak. If anything, I am very, very messy. I always had to shove massive amounts of crap in closets before having people over (had to, got married to a clean person, no longer have to), but NEVER, NEVER, even at my worst, have I lived like those people!!! THe clean sweep couple: I totally understand collecting. My hubby is an ebay addict and the mailman rings our doorbell every day, but come one! Buy some shelves, make some order! And the new york couple trying to sell the 900 sq.ft condo for 650K.... Clean your bathroom!!! did you see the state of the bathmat??? Who doesn't tidy up their kitchen before an open house??? Or before being on tv??? I can't imagine these people worked with a real estate agent, because no agent worth their salt would have agreed to show that place in that state...

Now for something not tv related: I called someone today that I hadn't spoken to in months. There is this nice religious couple who helped us while I was converting. She wasn't raised religious, so I always felt a kinship to her, because she really understood what it took to give so much up. But they have 4 kids and are expecting their 5th in 10 days, and they are very observant, so we don't get to see them very often. So while I was in the car driving around running errands, I gave her a call, just to say hi and see how her impending due-date was coming along. I could hear in her voice that she was really happy to hear from me. Why don't I do things like this more often? Just making a phone call while driving to and from, didn't take any time, I wasn't doing anything else (OK, driving) and I made someone really happy.

In my quest to better myself this fall, along with my hebrew classes and my new involvement in a a commitee to create a fundraising kosher cookbook for the hospital, I will also endevour to try to do nice things for people or keep in touch with people I don't normally talk to much. Just me, trying to spread a little niceness around

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