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2003-09-04 - 2:28 p.m.

trying to play catch up today.... I've been getting ready for our bid street festival/sidewalk sale over the last few days. I came to work at 6:45 this morning to blow up 500 helium baloons to be distributed among the merchants to decorate the street. My fingers are numb and full of blisters.... that is a lot of balloons!

Not sure I mentioned this yet or not, but I found yet another tv show that I love MI-5 on A&E, the edited version of the BBS's Spooks. Too bad they cut 15 min per episode, can only imagine how good the original is, since this one kicks butt!

Hamsters update: Jee is gone and Robert is HOH, the girls win some, the girls loose some.... it'll be interesting to see who's next to go. My vote: Allie, my guess: Jun.

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people, stop stealing!

2003-09-02 - 10:37 a.m.

boy, am I glad this weekend is over! Labour day my a**!!!! We did have a nice restful Saturday, went to Synaguogue and took the dog to the park. But Sunday and Monday was inventory at the store. People are thieves! I can't believe how many things are missing! Honestly, we had a few items missing after the first year, but this year, it's quite shocking how many things went "missing"...

On a crafty note, ever since we started selling Sublime Stitching embroidery kits, I've gone embroidery crazy! I stitched my denim jacket and a bunch of t-shirts, but this weekend, I bought a beige corduroy jacket and went hog wild with free style flowers all over the thing. It's gonna be really cool!

As if I didn't watch enough tv, I discovered a new show yesterday, thanks to an marathon on A&E: MI-5, a british spy show. Must add it to the fall schedule...

In a bid to do something other than watch tv all the time, I'm registering for an intermediate Hebrew class this fall. I say intermediate, we'll have to see. I took different beginner's classes several times over the last few years, the problem is, I'm too good for beginner's because I can read and write, but I can't keep up with intermediate because I can't speak it at all, except to pray. But I'll give it another try.

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