Should I emigrate for better TV?

2003-07-25 - 11:47 a.m.

I'm seriously thinking about moving to the US. I can't get "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" Unitl November 1st on Bravo Canada. I was doing OK wiht that, just reading about the show and how funny it is. But last night, NBC aired a half hour version. We never laughed so loud. Even my hubby, who is not a laugh outloud kind-a-guy thought it was hilarious.... Life is not fair. Free health care, but delayed tv programming (still waiting for Sex and the City at the end of August....). We could get an illegal US satellite dish, but I've already been branded a criminal once this week.....

I've going embroidery wild! I finished my denim jacket (Will need to upload a pic soon) and started on a t-shirt. Don't know what I'm talking about. Check out Sublime Stitching.

TAR4 Not The Virgins!!! NOOOOO! Even though I never thought they would really win, I was totally rooting for them. Man, 12 years together, no sex, no big money prize, and now it looks like they were about to break up. That is harsh! (Side bar, if I may: I don't think the people who made the no sex before marriage rule intended for you to wait 12 years. As a matter of fact, those rules were made when people married young and died in the 40's.... Milly, meet a nice boy, go out with him for a few months, then MARRY him and enjoy your life/body)

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I'm a criminal

2003-07-24 - 2:30 p.m.

I'm a criminal. I'm not kidding you! My mom left the store today and ran back in about 15 minutes later, panting. Seems there was a Denver Boot on my car! I couldn't believe it! I don't have any outstanding tickets!

We called the bailiff, who informed me it was for 1 ticket from August 2002, when the car was parked i nfront of our own house! Too nutty! How did we not get the ticket, or the reminder notices? Who knows? So hubby had to treck downtown to go pay the fine so they could remove the boot.... Embarassing, especially since the name of the store is stenciled on the back window!!!!

Hubby also trecked to the adoption agency to drop off our file. It's done. It's now out of our hands. We did have to redo our financial statement form (we did it right away and brought it back an hour later) and they need extra pictures, but the file is now offically in motion. 2 months of bureaucracy and translation in this country, then about 10 months in China... Still an entire year away....

BB4 The hamsters got rid of Michelle... well done. Make a plan and stick to it. This year's hamsters are boring, but I must admit the look on Jee/Justin/Robert's faces last night was absolutely priceless. And Dana winning HOH: that might actually stir things us in the cage....

I don't usuually leave blogging til the afternoon, but it's her fault. We started selling her patterns yesterday, so I got one of my own and started embroidering my denim jacket. It's looking pretty cool, I'll post a pic when I'm done....

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The good kind of tired

2003-07-23 - 2:51 p.m.

We are no longer procrastinators! After weeks of doing nothing, we got our act together yesterday and finished our adoptions papers for China. We are just missing a couple of certified checks and 2 sets of idnetical pictures (us as a couple and a picture of our house) and we can drop off the file on Friday morning. The pictures are being copied at WalMart even as we speak and hubby just left for the bank. That's it! After this, is no longer in our hands!

I've also been on an organizing spree at the store. After the succes of the re-organisation of my craft room last week, I decided to finally make some sense of the filing at the store, which had pretty much been in a box since we moved in May. I even printed pretty labels and changed some dog-eared folders... I'm so proud!

We went out for coffee last night with a couple of friends who were in from Toronto. They each had one of their respective friends meet us, so along with the usual suspects, we got to meet new people (Actually, only me, as hubby had met them in the past). I really enjoyed myself. They were very diverse people, a stock brocker for a prominent family in town and an orthodox school teacher. Could not have been more diverse, could not have been more interesting. We debated the merits/difficulties of keeping Kosher and how to deal with neighbours who are extremely religious when you are not, but we also had a great time just talking about our lives, our houses, turning into "grown-ups", we didn't go home until past midnight! I cannot remember the last time we were out that late (we're 10:30 kinda folks!)

Of course, I was exhausted this morning, but it was a good kind of tired. Not horomone-induced, just plain old stayed-up-late tired!

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funky in boston?

2003-07-22 - 11:24 a.m.

It's been raining for 2 days and it's totally dragging me down...

I had just written a whole long post on Canadian Idol and Scrapbooking fever, but then I read it and thought is was so inane, I deleted it.

We'll be going to Boston the first weekend in August. If you know any funky, must see stores in downtown Boston (gift stores, clothing stores, anything unique and worthwhile), please let me know. I should try to track down a copy of Lucky magazine featuring Boston.....

I spent a lot of time in Boston back in the late 90's, when I worked half time in Montreal and half time in Manchester NH. Manchester was too boring for me, so I stayed in Boston and travelled back and forth. I saw RENT 4 times, spent a lot of time drinking and exploring the city's nightspots with college friends (I was also going to school at night). But I didn't do much shopping. I had no money. Payless and Dress Barn were my shopping hot spots back then. This time around, I'd like to check out some slightly more happening spots, so let me know what you know!

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I met her and I wasn't even trying!

2003-07-21 - 10:48 a.m.

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I don't even know where to start! This is going to be one heck of an entry!

I met her! I wasn't even looking for her! Friday night, best friend IH and I went to the Just for Laugh's gala hosted by Kelly Ripa. She rocked! Her two comedy skits were funny, but her spoof of the Pussy Cat Doll Review, complete with 4 drag-queen back up dancers! I tell you, that girl can dance! And that body! She did not just have a baby a few months ago, there is no way!

The show was funny, we had a great time. Saturday morning, instead of synaguoge, hubby and I were very bad and headed for the Old Port to check out the Port des Arts Show. It's a little arts and crafts fair with very funky products, where we found a few suppliers last year for our store. It wasn't very good this year, I did buy a necklace and earrings from Joanna Baxter Design, and this cute t-shirt from My Day Productions

After walking around for a bit, we were standing in line at the belgium fries stand, when I heard someone say "... and the people were very kind..." I would recognize THAT voice anywhere! I left my dear hubby in the line and turned around. There she was! Kelly Ripa, with her husband and a friend, pushing Joaquin in his stroller! I couldn't believe it! For about 5 seconds, I couldn't decide if I should speak to her, I really didn't want to bother her, but then I realized I would never get to speak to her again, so I just walked up and politely told her I thought her show was very funny the night before. She stopped and started talking to me. My husband caught up with us and she was very genuine, introducing herself, her husband and her friend to MY husband! I told her I watch to first 20 minutes of Live! every morning, blah blah, and as we are talking, this elderly man and his wife walk up and she hugs him. It was Carl Reiner! Only in Montreal can you be talking to Kelly Rippa and bump into Carl Reiner! My husband said it's too bad I didn't have my camera. I told him I did, but I didn't want to be a crazy fan. Kelly heard us and told me not to be silly, she'd love to take a picture with me. This is how I ended up in the middle of a pic with Carl Reiner, his lovely wife, Kelly and Marc!

(I've never posted a picture of myself before, I've got mixed feelings about it, but then again, what could happen?)

So that totally made my day! She told me they were walking around Old Montreal looking at the Lofts for sale, 'cause they liked Montreal so much! I swear, I didn't go looking for her, I was just waiting for my belgium fries!

To top off this fabulous weekend, we packed up the dog on Sunday and went for a drive to Burlington, Vermont, which is about 1hr 45min south of Montreal. The weather was great and we just wanted to get out of the city. We did have a bit of a wait at the border, but the border guard was a seasoned veteran who was totally unfased by the dog in the back seat and Mortimer was a champ, didn't bark or anything! (sometimes, he's a little unpredictable when people walk up to the car). We grabbed a sandwich at a little cafe on the waterfront and then walked about the pedestrian mall in downtown Burlington. Lots and lots of people stopped to pet the dog, he's got one of those faces people can't resist!

We made a pit stop at Banana Republic, where I bought a second pair of my favorite pants (Martin cut, cropped chinos with cargo pockets and wide waistband), this time in a size 6 Six! I'm a size six! (only in those pants, but still!)

I did discover the cutest little Boutique, called Sweet Lady Jane, where I couldn't resist this skirt by Spindlebug.

She gives her website as which doesn't seem to work. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her (Marissa Santillo), please let me know!

Well, I think that's enough for now! It was positively the best weekend in a long time, and I can honestly say I didn't think about motherhood at all this weekend! Sure, I bought lots of stuff, which always helps me cheer up, but I really feel I supported a lot of independent creative people, which I love to do! (did you notice I was wearing my Super Hero necklace when I met Kelly Rippa......)

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