yard work and cupcakes

2003-06-08 - 10:31 a.m.

Oh, what to do with my Sunday..... We usually have to work part of the day on Sunday, but now that we have New Girl to work the whole weekend, we do Mondays, leaving us free on Sundays.

Should we take a nice drive somewhere? Go to a museum? Do some much needed grocery shopping? No! We must get the backyard in some sort of semi-order!

When we started the demolition of our basement for the upcoming (or never coming) basement reno, we moved everything into the garage. But now summer is here, and our summer convertible car from the 60's is out of storage, so we need to put it in the garage at night. This means all the crap as to come out of the garage. Of course, the basement was supposed to be finished by now, but it's not even started, so we must deal with garage mess.

This means taking out the patio furniture and installing it (OK, that makes sense), moving the winter tires to under the side balcony, and then cleaning all the junk from the garage and figuring out what to keep, etc. That part I'm not looking forward to.

We also need to get some sort of tool storing rubbermaid device, since the city won't let us put up a shed in the corner (we can put one, but it's got to be 6 feet from teh property line, which would put it right smack in the middle of the backyard. No thank you!).

All in all, a fun day of moving heavy objects around. Just what I wanted to do on my first Sunday off.

It was my baby brother's 30th bday last week, we are all having dinner tonight and I elected myself in charge of dessert. I had an overwhelming urge to bake. I decided to make cupcakes. When was the last time you had a cute little cupcake, all decorated with spinkles and coconut and pink icing? I got the idea in Toronto a few weeks a ago when we past a cute little bakery that makes nothing but cupcakes. how charming!

Gotta go home and decorate the little jewels!

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We have fence-post... well, the holes at least!

2003-06-06 - 12:34 p.m.

Finally! The men came this morning to start digging the holes for the fence (see previous entries for the fence fiasco details). However, it did cause me to turn into my mother again last night. You see, we have a low stone retaining wall all around our driveway. In two spots, we were menat to take out the stones to make room for the fence posts (not part of the fence installation mandate). We had asked the gardener weeks ago to do this. He kept promising: next week, tomorrow, this afternoon. Never came. So yesterday when they called to say the fence posts were coming today, those stones had to go.

We did try phoning around to get somebody with proper tools to do it, but it was too short notice. So I started with a hammer and screw driver, and lo and behold, the wall was crumbly and most of the stones came loose quite easily. I got quite a few out, but then I needed proper tools. I called my dad, who dropped off a pick-ax. Yes, you read right. After a day at work, I went home a swung a pick-ax at the wall. It did bring out the neighbours (The nice ones), who were curious, and offered their gardeners numbers..... a little late, but a nice gesture none the less.

I got 2 large openings done, except for one nasty rock that just wouldn't buge. Of course, that's the one that is totally in their way, but the guys took pity on me and are going to get some sort of compressor to get it out for me. The second hole turned out to be not necessary, as they can get the post in right behind the wall..... Wish I had know that BEFORE I grabbed the pick-ax!

TAR4 I can't believe it! I loved Amanda and Chris! I feel cheated! I loved Amanda and wanted to watch her swear while driving all the way to the finish line.... I just don't know who else I'm gonna root for now.... Millie is funny, but the whole virginis/12 years thing gets old pretty fast....

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clean up in aisle 4

2003-06-05 - 2:23 p.m.

so we all know I am a totally huge fan of TAR4. I just read the recap of last week's episode on TWoP. I now have to clean up the soda I repeatedly spewed all over my keyboard while reading. The episode was funny, the recap is priceless.

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2003-06-05 - 10:15 a.m.

Sometimes, I feel totally disconnected from the world and the people around me. Working for myself, I don't get the benefit of co-workers. While I know cubicule office life can sometimes suck, at least you get to talk to people. The best I can hope for is a chatty shopper, but frankly, the chatty ones are usually a little odd.

I don't have many friends left in my city, so it's not often that I go out and do something with anyone. So uesterday I reached out to my hubby, hoping we could put aside the tv (me) and radio baseball (him) for one night and do something together. I asked him in the afternoon if he wanted to do "Something" later. He was quite underwhelmed, but said he would think about it. At dinner time, I asked him what his plans for the evening were. He was quick to mention the baseball game on the radio. I tried pointing out that there were games almost everynight, but he just shrugged. So forget it then, I decided to go out and rent some DVDs. I was gone maybe 15 minutes, came home, only to find his car gone. He took the dog to the dogpark for an hour. HELLO!!!! I wanted to do something with you! I would have gone out and played with the dog too (grant it, it's not my favorite thing to do, but I really was reaching out to him trying to do something together)

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt for a second and say he only came up with that idea after I left, he couldn't wait 15 minutes til I got back to ask if I wanted to come? He couldn't call on my cell and ask? Nope, he just went without me. I explained that to him when he returned, but he just shrugged and said I don't usually like going to the park....

So I watched my DVDs and he listened to the baseball game.... He did join me for the second movie, but there wasn't exactely a lot of togetherness in the room.....

PS: in case you're curious, I watched Drumline and The Recruit. I still have Mostely Martha for tonight, while I wait to watch TAR4

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Things are falling into place

2003-06-04 - 12:40 p.m.

Just when I was resorting to the Documentary Channel for intersting summer viewing, HBO comes to the rescue. (off on a tangent: I should actually say that the Movie Network comes to the rescue, since the Canadian Radio and Television Council thinks that HBO, E!, and many other US Cable chanels are evil and are not allowed to broadcast in Canada. So we have to rely on Canadian Cable channels to buy the programming and air it for us. end of tangent)

So, HBO. Last night was the season finale of Six Feet Under, followed by the premiere of The Wire. Yeah! I'm not sure how they'll get a second season out of it, they'll obviously have to change most of the bad guys, but I don't care! I loved it the first time around and it's something fresh for summer, I'm in!

You must think I do nothing but watch tv, that I must be addicted.... Why do you think that's a bad thing??? I have no problem admitting I LOVE TV. I usually do something else at the same time, like knit, sew, read, etc, but all in all, I love TV. There, I said it!

We finally have a lease for the new store! The landlord's wife was busy the last few weeks and couldn't get around to writing a revision of our lease. There was a little while when I was pretty worried: we moved the store and spent all kinds of money on fixing it up, with no lease to show for it. But the landlord's always come through for us before, so hubby was content to just wait. Yesterday was the day. We now have a 2 year extension and made the change to the new address. So we are fully protected (and fully responsible!)

More good news: I spoke to the nurse at the fertility clinic yesterday, we are still on for June even though my period is gonna be later than originally thought. I still don't feel it deep inside, I don't think it's gonna work, but we'll give it another shot.

Now if I could only take care of copying and sending in the adoption paper, almost everything would be taken care of.

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When you need a dose of reality, try a documentary

2003-06-03 - 11:44 a.m.

With the lack of anything good on tv these days (except of course for TAR4, which simply RULES), I have discovered a new addiction: The Documentary Channel. It started with The Farmer's Wife last week, then I caught a few others midway through, and last night, I watched Paradise Lost 2, which was also excellent (memo to self, do Google search to find out what happened.) I even taped a documentary on folk art in the middle of the night so I could watch it today! I guess it's because it's the ultimate in Reality TV, or just because it's good, but at least it'll give me something to watch for the summer.

In other news.... we are supposed to do our second try at in-vitro in June, but I was over 10 days last month, which will screw up the whole timing this month, so I don't know if we can still do it or not. On the adoption front, everything is ready to be photocopied and brought to the agency, but both Hubby and I are totally procrastinating and not getting it done. I don't know why. We are very excited to become parents, but it's almost like we know it's such a long shot, we don't want to invest too much effort or something. Or we are just procrastinators.

And speaking of babies, my best friend K did invitro last month. She got 15 eggs, 14 of which fertilized, 12 of which were A++. She was implanted on her mother's birthday (she passed away of cancer a few years back) and K found out on Friday that she is preggers! She's being super cautious, has another test this Friday and hasn't even told her own dad yet, but I've got a feeling deep inside that everthing will be all right. Come February, she will have a baby.

The crazy thing is, my parents were in Alaska on a cruise and spend the weekend in Vancouver with her, so my parents already know. And her own dad doesn't.... I can't wait to see his face when he finds out. I'm glad my parents were there for her this weekend. We've been close since day 1 of high school, and since she lost her mother, my parents have made regular trips to Vancouver to spend time with her and her husband. I know it's not the same, but I know she appreciated having them, and when the baby comes, I'll be happy to ship my mother off to her for a little while!!!!

Finally, yesterday was our first Monday opened at the store. We had a great day, especially considering nobody knew we would be opened, so they were all just walking by.... Very promising for the summer.

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Nowhere in Africa

2003-06-02 - 4:33 p.m.

I've been so busy, I completely forgot to talk about the most amazing movie I saw on the weekend: Nowhere in Africa.

It's powerful, inspiring, uplifting. Simply, AMAZING!What is it not is depressing or preachy, so if you usually shy away from WW2, Holocaust themed movie, don't be afraid of this one!

It's an indy film, so it's probably not playing at your local multi-plex, but check out your art-house theater, it's totally worth it.

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Now serving you on Mondays too.

2003-06-02 - 1:24 p.m.

Summer is upon us (at least that's what they say.... the weather isn't actually cooperating too much), so we decided to bite the bullet and open the store seven days a week. Today is our first Monday. We usually open Mondays in December, but we've never tried in the summer. So far, so good. People don't know about it yet, but we're getting lots of passers-by. This of course means tht I will now blog on Mondays too, watch out, you've been warned!

Yesterday's blog was aborted by a slew of visitors and the return of the "New Girl", so I couldn't keep writing. I found her nice, obviously it was our first time spending time together, so I didn't find out too much about her, what she likes, etc, but on the whole, I think she'll work out for us.

I spent the morning melting old records to turn them into bowls, which we will sell at the store. I thought it might be tricky to get the timing right, but I lucked out and figured it out on the second try, so they all worked out well. The best part is, if you mess up, you can just melt it back flat on a cookie sheet and start over a few minutes later!

I'll finish with a special hello for my 4th offical regular reader who delurked and introduced herself. Yeah!

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