new girl

2003-06-01 - 2:41 p.m.

It's day 1 for the new girl. She just went out to buy some lunch, which is why I can write about her at this moment.

She's very nice, quick learner, and the dog totally loves her, so that's a good sign

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All aboard the Amanda/Chris love train!

2003-05-30 - 2:52 p.m.

I don't have time to read any blogs today..... as a matter of fact, I really shouldn't be writing this, there is so much to do, but hey, I can't leave my 3 regular readers hanging!*(see note at bottom)

So, Amazing Race was back last night, back with a vengance! Phil, what was that mock turtle neck all about? The man has neck issues, he always covers his neck. I'm in love with the contestants! The fatty parents who were illiminated yesterday: priceless. How many times can that woman fall down??? Initially, I like Kelly/Jon, but I'm totally on the Amanda/Chris love train! That girl's got some spunk! She looks all innocent, but watch out!

I had promised my hubby I wouldn't start watching without him. When 8:00 rolled around, it was all I could do to turn off the tv.... So I grabbed the dog and we walked to the store (our store), to go meet up with my husband and kill time until he could close up and come home. Now that is a TV addict! I had to LEAVE the house.....

I just Goggled Juanita Buschkoetter. I watched The Farmer's Wife over the last 2 days. WOW! What a woman! What a story! I didn't know whether to be inspired by her story, or sell all my stuff and move to a farm....I am so unbelievably priveleged to live the life I live.... If you have not seen this documentary, keep an eye out for it (I caught it on the documentary channel), it is simply the most inspiring story you will ever see on TV.

* About my 3 regular readers (you know who you are): I can tell from my stats that there are actually more than 3 people who read me regularly, but only 3 have written to me. I understand if you just want to lurk, I lurk all over the place myself, but I would love to hear from you if you are interested. I'm curious to see who you are and what you think of this little corner of the web.

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I didn't need to know that

2003-05-29 - 2:48 p.m.

Yippeee! The Amazing Race is back on tonight! This has me giddy with joy!

Too bad my husband won't be back from work til 9:00 and I have to wait for him to start watching... well I said I'd wait for him.....

Funny link of the day: The Family of Jack Schitt. I stole the link from Ru Paul's blog (yes, I'm a relgular reader)

A lady came to the store today, she was really excited, she seemed to like a lot of our stuff. Then, out of the blue, she tells me she's not buying anything today because she had a fight with her husband last night about her over-spending.... Okey Dokey.

But it doesn't end there. She starts to tell me how she quit a copy editing job at a fancy store 25 years ago to marry him and help him in his business. Now her daughter is moving out to go to university and blah blah blah.... she is one un-happy lady and I know waaaayyyy to much about her personal life now....

It's one thing for people to pour their souls out in a blog, you can chose not to read it. But there was no way to politely ask her to stop telling me about her suspicious about her husband and his assistant (a young man I might add....)

I honestly felt sorry for her, but I secretly hope my husband is here the next time she comes to shop!

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Want a job? I'll give you one!

2003-05-28 - 11:10 a.m.

We had a wedding this weekend: it was a very simple, understated affair. Lovely setting, very nice weather and the food was scrumptious! We were served halibut steamed in banana leaves with veggies and a lemon grass sauce..... I would have eaten 2!

I did the circuit of shops we don't have at home: Old Navy, Banan Republic, Eddie Bauer, Pottery Barn, etc. I bought some stuff at Old Navy and Banana Republic, but showed retraint everywhere else. I did splurge on the cutest little skirt at Peachy Fresh. It's a cute fluttery little knee lenght skirt with Japanese Dolls printed all over it. It's retro and summery, but best of all, it's a little reminder of our upcoming adoption in China (I know Japanese dolls are not Chineese, but it's pretty close and frankly, I just liked it!)

Peachy Fresh is the coolest store: a bunch of cool designers got together and share the space. If you are ever in Toronto, you MUST check it out. They have a second location now, I've never been but am told it's even nicer.

The girl who's been working for us since we started the business 2 years ago is graduating and found a full time job. This has been causing me a lot of stress lately. I couldn't imagine replacing her. She's very kind and good, but also, I trust her 100%. I've never counted the cash after she was in, I've never worried about her habing the keys, I just KNEW I could trust her. But she's going, and there is nothing I can do about it. Finding someone to replace her was a scary prospect. But a lovely girl dropped off her resume a few weeks ago. I gave her a call yesterday and she was still looking for work. She used to work in summer camps and ice cream stores, so most retail places didn't think she had enough experience to hire her. Let's see, how hard is it to sell candles and magnets? Actually, she's very creative, which is good because we now sell ballon bouquets.

She came in to talk to me yesterday. It was the most hilarious job interview ever.... I had no lcue what to ask her! She's in University, wants to be a teacher. How does that relate to selling gifts??? So I just laid it on the line for her: I don't want to get ripped off, I don't want to be called on Saturday mornings because she's hung over and can't work, and most of all, I want to know the store is in good hands. She was very nice. She's coming in to do the day with me on Sunday and she should start next week. I think she left the store wondering what kind of nuts we were!!! basically, both J and I got a good vibe from her, so we went with that.

Weeks from now, when I start bitching about my unreliable employee, remind how I should have conducted a real job interview......

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