Meeting The Boss

2003-04-20 - 12:30 p.m.

What a night we had last night! Bruce Springsteen was playing in Montreal. My dear hubby is a HUGE Springsteen fan, having already seen him twice this year (both trips involving long car rides and hotel stay-overs because he was playing very far from our house). So the fact that he was playing in OUR city was a big deal. We had lots of tickets, we were both going, along with 4 of hubby's friends and his sister and her husband.

Somehow, on the 20 block walk between the meeting point and the arena, one of J's friends LOST HIS TICKET!!!! Numbnut! (I had all the tickets and did think of keeping them until we got there, but I didn't want to be that girl, the one who acts like a mom, so I figured, they are all grown men, what could happen..... Well! Ha! Ha! Next time, I keep the tickets til we get to the ticket-taker!)

Anyway, long story short, we lent him some cash and bought a general admission ticket from a scalper so he could still get in and see the show (2 of the friends also had general admission, so they were together on the floor).

We get inside, our seats are AMAZING! right off the stage, right side. AMAZING! So we hook up with Sister and Brother in law, who proceed to tell us how THEY JUST MET BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!! They were trying to find parking near the arena and after an illegal left turn, they found themselves stopped right next to the tour buses... And Bruce and the band were just getting out and taking pictures with the media. And this is the best part: a security guard stopped their car so everyone could cross the street right in front of them, so my brother-in-law put the car in park, they jumped out and got their shirts signed by Bruce, who was apparently very sweet to my Sister-in-law, who must have been catatonic 'cause she has been the biggest fan for over 20 years! (they had concert shirts on, having seen the show the night before in another city! That's real fans!)

Now if that is not enough excitement, while we are waiting for the show to start, some guy comes up to our row: HE FOUND THE LOST TICKET ON THE STREET and was returning it! Not trying to use it, didn't sell it, NOOOO! He was also coming to the show, so he came to find us! How honest is that?!?!?!? Since our friend already had bought another ticket, we did some quick dialing and found another buddy who lived close by! He arrived 10 mintues later and I met him at the door (since I am the least fanatical Springsteen fan among the group, I volunteered to miss one song, but it was so well timed, I only missed half a song!)

Let me tell you, that was one crazy night!

Still eating Matza, didn't even have a beer at the show, Seders were fine and none-eventful, it will all be over Thursday, at which point I plan on jumping in a bowl of pasta and rubbing french bread all over my body..... Try to get that picture our of your mind!

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No longer a penny stock

2003-04-16 - 11:45 a.m.

Oh My God! I'm worth 0.28$ on Blog Shares!!! I'm so excited! Help raise my price even more by adding a link to my blog on your site, or buying shares!

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It's Manaschewitz time!

2003-04-16 - 11:23 a.m.

Note to the wise: Don't try to eat in a Kosher Italian restaurant the last night before Passover.... The service at this particular restaurant is always slow, but we were there 2 and hald hours! For pizza and pasta! And on top of it, my husband got a terrible stomach ache from eating too fast (he was starving by the time the food finally came!) So we will not be doing that again next year!

So I had a bagel this morning, and now that's it. No bread, rice, beans, etc for 8 days. Where is the Atkins diet when you need it? Oh, but I know, we get wonderful Matza balls, Matza crackers, Matza cake and my favorite, Matza cereal. We have this joke around our house: my husband is a big cereal freak. Passover is very hard for him. The Matza cereal is horrible. So every year, he says that he could cut up the box in little pieces and pour some milk over it, it would taste the same!!!

This part you will only get if you celebrate this holiday and actually buy all the Kosher for Passover products... Did anyone else notice all the "New and improved" labels on the cake and muffin mixes? Who are they kidding? It will always taste like bricks! I especially like the Manaschewitz sponge cake box, which claims: "Now fluffier, with more moisture!". More Moisture? Doesn't that just mean we add more water when we mix it????

But there is one redeeming feature to this Holiday: 4 cups of Manaschewitz wine! 2 nights in a row! Yeah! Nothing like spike grape juice to get a party going!

That's enough for now. I'll be around til the afternoon, then I'm back on Sunday. Enjoy yourselves during my absence and remember, play nice!

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start fattening your legs, please!

2003-04-15 - 10:30 a.m.

It's raining. It's warm. Why can't we have warm and nice, or cold and rainy, but not rainy and warm. A total waste of warmth if you ask me....

Well, the house is almost ready for Passover. The cleaning is all done, all that's left is putting away the dishes and bringing out the passover dishes. I don't even remember what they look like. I remember buying them last year in a panic two days before the holidays, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what they look like. At least I know where they are!

I must admit, I am not looking forward to it. The Seders are long, loud and frankly, uncomfortable. Matza, blah! I used to like it, back when I wasn't obliged to eat it for 8 days, but now... blah! I don't even think all my new spring clothes will be enough to cheer me up for 8 whole days!

I recently found out I am no longer large-calfed, but I'm totally bummed about it! You see, I use to have really big calfs, and it was hard to find knee-high boots that fit. But I discovered J.Crew's boots and everything was fixed. I ordered great boots last fall and wore them through the whole winter. So when they sent me their spring sale email, I jumped on the chance to buy a different style. And the boots came yesterday morning, ironically, just as I was cleaning out the front hall closet and putting away winter coats and boots.

So I tried the on. They were huge! As in I could fit my arm in with my leg. But I liked them so much, for about 5 minutes, I actually tried them on with skirts to see if I could keep them. They were so cheap and so nice! But really, they were too big. So I sent them back. You would think I would be thrilled to have normal sized calfs, but there are no boots left in that size! Now I have to fight off all other normal-sized calf people over the good boots. And there are many more of them to fight off!!!! So everyone, start eating and fattening your calves so I can have the normal boots to myself from now on....

PS: as Passover starts tomorrow, this will be a light writing week. Expect an entry tommorow, then I'll be back on Sunday.

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