French Canadian funnies

2003-03-14 - 3:42 p.m.

Need a second entry today simply to link you to one of the funniest blogs I've ever read!!! It made me pee and I had tears running down my cheeks!!!! (I did make it to the toilet, so no embarrassing incidents at work...)

The best enty is that of March 4. Scroll down and follow the part about French Canadian Tacky music... you see people, the little dirty secret that I hide very well behind my judaism is that I am, in fact, French Canadian. I swear! My parents barely speak English!!! So this link made me laugh, I was crying from laughing so hard....

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Jolt-Cola Jitters

2003-03-14 - 10:57 a.m.


That's how I feel today. I feel so jittery, like I had half-a-dozen Jolt Colas, but I didn't, not even one little bit of coffee, it's the Peregon....

Bad news: I had another glass of wine for no reason last night (while watching Survivor and screeming at the TV). Good news: it was the last of the bottle, and I KNOW I won't open one just for me, so that's the end of that problem....

I was gonna go to IH's house last night to watch Survivor with her rather then speak to her during each of the commercials, but day 1 of Peregon turned me into the Psycho Bitch from Hell, so I decided to spare her....

The landlord at the store is doing some shady deals with other tenants in the building and it's totally freaking me out! I like the guy, but I'm scared we'll end up being the big losers.....

Short-sleeve over long sleeve t-shirt alert So Jennifer Anniston was wearing the look in last night's episode of Friends... That settles it for me, I am not too old to wear that look..... Hopefully I can stop obsessing over it now!!!!

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Bring on the Peregon!

2003-03-13 - 10:03 a.m.

Decrease the Bucerilin to 0.2 per day, bring on the Peregon! It comes with this fancy pen-injector thingy, a 4 color-process poster instructing you how to load and use the thing and a VIDEO! OK, the pen thing is not as simple as a regular injection, but it's not rocket science!!! A video?!?!? I threw caution to the wind and figured it out with the color poster.... hope I don't blow up later today!

So when you get pregnant, you should decrease your caffeine intake, skip alcool altogether, and forget smoking. I've never smoked, so that's a non-issue. I'm a social drinker only and since our social life is close to non-existant, that should be pretty easy. Except, and this is where it gets interesting, last night, I felt like I had been abducted by aliens. My body was tired, but my mind was racing. There was NADA on TV, I tried taking a hot bath to relax, but it only made me more dizzy, so I got J to fetch me a glass of wine.... The bottle was opened last week when my cousin came over for dinner. I NEVER drink wine just for the heck of it, and certainly not in bed in a State Glass.

And lately, I've taken to drinking coffee.... I've never drank coffee before, it did nothing for me. Not even in College. Jolt Cola: yes. Coffee: no. And in the last 2 weeks, I've had coffee about every second day. I know that's not much, and it's weak coffe on top of it. But what's going on? I should be giving up coffee and wine, and instead, I'm heading towards wino and caffein addict status. OK, OK, I know those are a long way away, but why would I even start???

It must be the hormones....

BTW, I'm doing the t-shirt on top of long sleeve t-shirt thing again (see post from 2 days ago). Todays t-shirt is from my good friend Vinnie the Tampon Case Guy.

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Gallery of Regrettable foods take 2

2003-03-12 - 3:27 p.m.

for those of you looking for the Gallery of Regrettable foods, see my post from yesterday below and then go to the site.

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Post SWEEPS lul

2003-03-12 - 2:50 p.m.

The problem with sweeps in TV in the weeks that follow sweeps... TV SUCKS THIS WEEK! Again, there was nothing on last night, except for 6 Feet Under, which was only so so....

I have two best friends, K and IH (gotta use 2 letters 'cause I would be complicated!!!). They were co-maids of honor at my wedding. I have know K since the first day of high-school, roughly 20 years, while I have know IH since the very beginning of college, roughly 15 years. (this is the canadian school system!!!!)

K lives very far away in Vancouver, right on the other side of the country. In the last couple of years, we have spoken less often than before because we were both busy. But lately, we can't get off the phone! Since I started the in-vitro thing, we talk for hours almost every 3 days. Last night, she told me all about her own appointments with the fertility clinic and she might be starting fertility drugs within a few weeks. It would be so great to share this with her. To have someone who would understand exactely what's going on....

As for my in-vitro.... I finished the first bottle of Buserilin this morning. I have an ultrasound tomorrow and then I will be reducing the bucerilin and starting with Med #2 (who's name escapes me right now...). I guess we are getting closer and closer to THE day.

J still has not bought his "athletic supporter" which he will have to wear after his surgery. I wonder if I should step in and go buy one, or just wait til he gets around to it... After all, it's HIS privates that will suffer if he forgets!

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the 50's are back with a vengence!

2003-03-11 - 1:03 p.m.

it's official: woman in their 30's trying to get pregnant are turning back to the 50's!!! I've been reading some of my favorite blogs and a bunch of gals have started knitting (that bug hit me about 6 months ago).

But what really cemented it for me was reading through the old posts of jen and tonic. I came across her February 19th post where she mentions using a crockpot.... Oh. My. God. I got one about 3 months ago and I am totally addicted to it! I've even bought not 1 but 2 slow cooker cookbooks and I use it more than once a week!

Then, I was reading someone else's blog this morning and they mentioned getting a recipe magazine that reminded them of The Gallery of Regrettable foods. James Lileks is not only my favorite blog writer, but his book is one of the best sellers at our store!!!

It's official, we are reverting to the 50's.

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crawling out of my skin

2003-03-11 - 10:27 a.m.

I want to crawl out of my skin.... My body is beyond exhaustion again, but my brain is racing 100 miles an hour. I fell asleep in front of the tv at 9:00 pm, but I was up at 2:00 (the dog needed to go out) and I wasn't really able to go back to sleep until 5:00 am.

Yesterday, I felt like a total girly-girl. Even though it was our day off (the store is closed Mondays), I wore a frilly purple paisly skirt with a cute embroidered sweater and some nice leather boots. Why? It was my day off, who cares what I wear? And today, work day, I'm dressed like I belong in April Lavigne's band! Low-hip chinos, cute pink t-shirt over long sleeve grey t-shirt, totally grunge.

When do you get too old for that look? I NEVER wore a t-shirt over a long sleeve shirt when it was in style back in the 80's. Now I'm pushing 33, it's back in style and I keep wearing that look! I think I can pull it off, I've got the figure, my face looks much younger than 32, but honestly, when do you get too old for that look?

Nia Varadalos was wearing it in this weeks episode of Big Fat Greek Life, it looked cute on her (although WHAT IS WHITH HER HAIR?!?!?!?), I THINK it looks cute on me, but maybe I'm making some huge fashion faux-pas....

Since I feel so crappy today, I put on my favorite accessories: necklace, hearings and new bracelet (just arrived in this morning's mail) from I may be hormonal, but watch out, I could take over the world!

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major redecorations

2003-03-09 - 2:41 p.m.

wow! again 2 entries in a day!

It's been a very quiet day at the store, so after lots of surfing and blog reading, I completely re-vamped the look of this thing. Don't get me wrong, the nice people at Diaryland do provide nice templates, but I wanted something a little sleeker and a little more pink!

So I present to you the new and updated look of my blog!

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you know you're hormonal when....

2003-03-09 - 11:28 a.m.

you know your hormones are out of whack when....

yesterday, we had perfectly yummy left over veal stew, which I could have had for dinner. But I was craving macaroni and cheese. Not from the box. The real stuff, with the gooey cheese sauce like my grandmother used to make (she died when I was 6, so this is a LOOONG time ago!)

Anyway, I craved it so much, that I actually made it. With the butter, flour and milk roux, and the real grated cheddar cheese, the whole thing. The kicker is that J doesn't eat ANY cheese, so I will be eating this for DAYS to come! But the craving was beyond my control!!!!

I've been particularly grumpy for 2 days and my breast have been killing me. Sure enough, this morning I got my period... Normally, this would be nothing but a minor annoyance, but this morning, I was actually pretty excited! I looked at my in-vitro calendar and it said that between todays and wednesday should be my DAY1, so to be so right on is a big relief. The last few nights, I've been dreaming about things going wrong: not getting my period in time for the egg retrieval to coindice with J's operation, forgetting to show up at the hospital, taking too many injections and "frying" all my eggs....

These hormones are driving me crazy!!!!

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2003-03-07 - 1:15 p.m.

I'm starting to feel better. I haven't been tired the last two days. I even took the dog to the montain this morning for almost an hour and didn't need a nap when I came home!

I've started to think about the actual egg retrival and embryo implentation a lot more.... At first, I wasn't thinking about it too much, I just wanted to get through the injections, but now that's well underway and I'm wondering how the rest will go.

How much of a blow will it be if it doesn't work? I keep telling myself this is just a practice round, that we KNOW it won't work the first time, that we'll have to give it 2 or 3 tries, but deep down, I really haven't given up on it working the first time around.

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just a test

2003-03-06 - 12:30 p.m.

2 post in one day! I switched to Blog style and I just want to see if it's working....

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Up and At 'em!

2003-03-06 - 11:15 a.m.

Finally! I was able to get up like a normal human being this morning!!!! I still feel pretty tired, but when the dog stirred on his bed this morning, I didn't feel like strangling him like I have the past 2 days!!!! (I would never actaully strangle him!!! just felt like it a little bit....)

The shots are becoming really painful. I truly didn't feel them the first few days, but yesterday and this morning... boy oh boy, that was hard.

Most of my favorite shows are on re-runs right now... I hate the week after sweeps! Thank God Survivor is on tonight!!!

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