day 5 - more tired

2003-03-05 - 10:11 a.m.

now day 5 of Buserelin....

I cannot get over how tired I am, it takes so much energy just to get out of be in the morning....

This morning, I had the hardest time giving myself the injection. I put it in and it just absolutely killed me, I yanked it right back out! I tried again in a different spot and it was even worse. Finally, I just stuck it in and injected. It was horrible, but it's not like I have a big choice!

J did offer to prepare the injection for me this morning, but I did it myself 'cause he had lots and lots to do this morning. I did really appreciate the offer though and I'm sure I'll take him up on it another day.

I am starting to feel stightly PMS-like, so I guess it's starting to do it's work... Perfect is example last night.... I was watching "24" and there was this long goodbye conversation between Kiefer and his daughter. Now I KNOW he won't die, he's the star of the show and they signed for another season, but there I was was, balling away like a little baby!!!

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