Jenna - 2004-06-06 20:58:46
Sounds like she's already giving you the 'real' Sarah already ;) that's a good sign! LOL ROFL about looking for her butt! What a ham!
Monique - 2004-06-07 04:57:04
Everytime I read one of your entrees I get overcome with excitement! Congrats again!!
Jenn - 2004-06-07 07:31:08
I am loving following your story....and am so happy for you! Congrats again!
Shelly - 2004-06-08 11:08:53
Congratulations! Your story is so wonderful but had not seemed real to me until you just wrote about her saying "Mamamama." That brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. Have fun shopping!
jen - 2004-06-13 07:44:06
Come home! Come home and post! What? You're busy introducing Sarah to her dad and doing all sorts of adorable baby things? But think of us!

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