Michele - 2004-06-01 21:47:01
Oh my gosh, I cried at every picture. You're a mother! A beautiful mother with a beautiful daughter! I cry just thinking about you and Sarah. I'm so happy for you, Virginia! So happy.
Susan - 2004-06-01 22:04:19
Sarah Qin is so, so, so beautiful!! And she has quite the head of hair. Seeing your pictures brought me back to 10 months ago when I was there in Nanning meeting Cara-Li for the first time. I am in tears. PS: When Cara-Li was placed in my arms, she was wearing the same blue t-shirt and shorts that Sarah Qin was wearing. Congratulations!
MissPinkKate - 2004-06-01 22:16:12
Hurray hurray! She is so beautiful! I am so hapy for you- congratulations!!!
Melissa - 2004-06-01 22:27:53
A new reader, I am so excited for you! Little Sarah Qin is beautiful. And it's true - she's been growing that hair like crazy in the time since those referral pics were taken. I have just started considering the prospect of adoption from China myself and so find your entire journey to motherhood very touching and inspiring.
jen - 2004-06-02 00:02:24
Oh, I'm not even halfway through the pictures and I'm just sobbing and sobbing right along with all the babies. They are all so beautiful, Sarah Qin is gorgeous, and you look so happy!
Cecilia - 2004-06-02 01:21:23
Perfect, just gorgeous. Nathan and I (for once) are at a loss for words. It's wonderful, she's wonderful, you're wonderful... I need to stop crying. What a true blessing.
Angela - 2004-06-02 07:23:00
Hooray!!! Oh! I'm all bursty with happiness for you! She's just lovely. Perfect!
Lorena - 2004-06-02 09:29:23
Congratulations!!! Your daughter is simply BEAU-TI-FUL!!!
Jenna - 2004-06-02 11:41:02
BEAUTIFUL!! She is simply beautiful!! I am so totally THRILLED for you!!!!!
selzach - 2004-06-02 12:08:38
Virginia, Sarah is such a cutie (especially in the pictures where she's zonked out)! I'm so happy you finally have your little girl.
Jodi - 2004-06-02 15:53:26
Hi Mommy, Sara Qinn is adorable. I just spent the evening with my new niece that was adopted from China. My husband and I fell in love with her. What a personality! Sara is a lucky little girl to have you for her mommy. Have a safe trip home!
Mary - 2004-06-02 23:23:49
I am incredibly thrilled for you and Sarah! You both look so wonderful. Congrats on being a new mom. *hugs*

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