Carrie - 2004-05-29 22:34:59
How exciting! I can't believe that you are about to meet your daughter! I could just weep for you. Good luck!
brooklyn mama - 2004-05-29 23:19:34
Oh, it's so exciting! Best of luck in the upcoming days - such an intense and wonderful time! Keep us posted!
Cecilia - 2004-05-30 00:57:56
My tummy is doing the butterfly flips for you! Finally, finally, FINALLY. Good luck dear. I can't believe it's finally HERE!
Milenka - 2004-05-30 18:50:38
The anticipation is killing me over here, so I can only imagine how *you* feel! ;-)
Carol - 2004-05-30 23:34:24
I can hardly wait to hear that you have your beautiful baby!!! :D
Jennye - 2004-05-31 12:31:02
Knowing that you are meeting your little girl today, I have been thinking of you literally all morning. I'm sure you two are bonding as we speak! I can hardly wait to see pictures of you and your daughter!
Mary - 2004-05-31 20:56:39
I'm happy to read that you arrived safely. I imagine you've met your daughter at long last. See, it's worth grinning and bearing the humidity. =)

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